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Urine Analyzer

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    Urine Analyzer 


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    1. General Description

    This urine analyzer is the instrument that integrates modern optics, electronics, computers and other advanced technology. The optical part adopts the advanced high-brightness cold light source, so as to reduce the environmental impact on the tests and improve the resolution of the system. It is famous for easy operation and accurate test results.

    The cooperation of test paper can make a complete accurate analysis of the urine sample within 60 seconds.

    The instrument is widely adopted by the hospital. It is a kind of requisite instrument for biochemistry analysis.

    2.3 Appearance

    See the following picture for the appearance of instrument

    Urine Analyzer 4

    1 LCD                 2 Keyboard              3 Stage

    4 Printer Cover          5 Power Switch           6 Fuse

    7 Power Socket          8 Ground Wire           9 Serial Port

    3. Technical Features:

    1. Principle: Reflection of high- brightness cold light

    2. Test programmes : glucose (GLU), bilirubin (BIL), the ketone (KET), specific gravity(SG), PH and occult blood (BLD), protein (PRO), urobilinogen (HOU),

    Nitrite (NIT),Leukocytes (LEU), Vitamin C (VC).

    3. Test speed: 120 tests / h( continue), 60tests/h (single)

    4. Printer: Thermal printer, 57mm width

    5. Display: LCD

    6. Temperature: 15℃ to 35℃   Relative humidity: ≤ 85%

    7. Power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz±2Hz, ≤30W

    8. Fuse: 0.5A, 1pc

    9. Weight: ≤6Kg

    10. Serial Port: RS232

    11. Dimensions: 39x32x14(cm)

    12. Storage:  1000testing results can be saved.

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