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Trolley Video Colposcope

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    Trolley Video Colposcope

    What is the detail of our Trolley Video Colposcope?
    . Colposcope is a gynecological clinical diagnostic instruments .
    . For the diagnosis of cervical disease, it can be observed 10 to 60 times magnification images, found small lesions the naked eye can not find.
    . Through this amplification effect, the doctor can clearly see the cervix blood vessels on the skin, detection of cervical cancer precursor lesions, to provide the basis for early diagnosis of cervical cancer, so that patients receive effective treatment in advance, so that the cure rate of cervical cancer greatly increased.
    Application : 
    The device is used for checking pathological changes in vulva, vagina and cervix, filtering cervix cancer by fluorescence indirectly and images management.
    What is the features of our Trolley Video Colposcope?
    . Adopting the ring fiber lens;
    . Adopting the halogen cold light source (15V, 150W);
    . Adjustable brightness and a green filter;
    . Advanced image processing technology, can achieve the functions of marking, calculation of areas, zooming images;
    . With the editing functions of access images, freezing, collection, delete images, etc;
    . Images can be collected continuously, and display a number of images on the same screen and convenient to contrast, full-screen display;
    . The reports can be printed into multiple formats.
    What is the specifications of our Trolley Video Colposcope?
    color digital CCD , 800,000 pixel;
    1-128 magnification image continuously variable adjustment;
    White LED power with super and even brightness;
    More than 60% than the traditional halogen lamp in the brightness and color temperature;
    Lifetime: 100 ,000 hours;
    Vivid color;
    Special designed image halo filtering tech ensure clearer image;
    Easy edit and maintenance of diagnostic words, easy operation;
    Storage of normal clinical images for easy diagnostic contrast;
    Support video-out of diagnostic report and true color image;
    Super-large memory, max. 1 million cases can be stored;
    Convenient check of cases and statistics;
    Lens resolution: 1/4"super HAD color CCD,80,0000 pixel;
    Lens axial resolution: 470 lines;
    Lens S/N: 50dB;
    Lens focus distance: standard 100~400mm; support: 10~1000mm;
    Scan range: 2.5mm-20mm-320mm;
    Depth of Field: 15mm-40mm 15mm-480mm;
    Lens zoom: 1~128;
    Lens fouse: AF/MF;
    Lens white balance: AWB;
    Lens lighter type: LED;
    Lens image output interface: Video, S-video, PAL;
    Lens lighter type : LED ring , phosphorus gallium arsenide high brightness , longevity light source group (average life 100,000 hours);
    Lens video-output: PAL, VBS-standard 1.0Vp-p;
    Power Requirements: AC220V ±10%;
    Power Rating : 500W;
    Brightness adjustment: Automatic electronic shutter;
    Ambient temperature: -40°C to +50°C;
    Storage temperature : -20°C to +60°C;
    Relative Humidity: 30~80%RH.
    Standard Configuration:
    Camera: 1pc
    Image Capture Box: 1pc
    Softdog: 1pc
    Tripod: 1pc
    Software CD: 1pc
    Trolley: 1pc
    Desktop PC: 1pc
    Color ink jet printer: 1pc

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