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Flow Cytometer 1
Flow Cytometer 1

Flow Cytometer

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    Flow Cytometer


    What is the feature of our Flow Cytometer?

    Detection Principle of Flow Cytometer
    * Hydrodynamic focusing, detect single cells one by one
    * Scattered light and flurescence analysis
    *Forward scattered light: size of cells
    *Lateral scattered light: abundance of the cell's contents
    *Fluorescence channel: characteristic fluorescence analysis


    Function of Flow Cytometer
    * Count of functional cells
    * Analysis of cell parameters
    *Performance detection of size, shape, membrane structure.
    * Analysis of cell phenotype


    Application of Flow Cytometer
    * Cell biology research
    *Count and activity analysis of stem cells;
    *Cell culture, apoptosis cycle detection;
    *Cell immunophenotype analysis;
    *Surface molecular detection and analysis;
    *Soluble protein molecule detection.
    * Food and environment monitor
    *Algae (environmental pollution monitor, marine ecological detection);
    *Yeast ( biotechnology optimization).
    * Biopharmaceutical research and detection
    *Optimization of biopharmaceutical process;
    *Cell activity and it's drug reaction.


    Clinical Application
    *Analysis and absolute count of lymphocyte subsets: T/B/NK;
    *Blood disease/lymphoma immunophenotyping;
    *Functional lymphocyte subsets analysis: Th1, Treg;
    *Count of CD34 hemopoietic stem cell;
    *PNH auxiliary diagnosis:CD55, CD59, FLARE,CD14, CD15;
    *Multiple myeloma;
    *Platelets: count and immunophenotype analysis of platelets;
    *Count of Reticulocytes;
    *Minor residual disease monitor of acute leukemia;
    *DNA ploidy analysis;

    *Drug efficacy monitor.

    Basic Parameters





    Laser Source


    Sample flux

    15000 cells per second

    Minimum Sample Volume


    Basic Performance

    Fluorescence Sensitivity


    Fluorescence Linearity


    Detection Sensitivity of Forward

    Angle Scattered Light


    Product Resolution 


    Scattered Light


    Power & Environment Requirement

    Power Supply

    AC220V, 50Hz

    Power Rate


    Environment Temperature


    Environment Humidity


    Flow Cytometer 2

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