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Biological Laboratory Anaerobic Incubator 1
Biological Laboratory Anaerobic Incubator 1

Biological Laboratory Anaerobic Incubator

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    Biological Laboratory Anaerobic Incubator 


    Laboratory Incubator

    This product is a kind of bacteria culture under the anaerobic environment and the special device of the operation,it can provide the strict anaerobic condition, constant temperature culture conditions and has a systematic and scientific work area, and this device operation training, can cultivate the hardest anaerobic biological growth, and to avoid past anaerobic biological operation with oxygen in the atmosphere and the risk of death, so this device is the ideal equipment of anaerobic biological detection research.
    Starring Performance and Characteristics :
    This series of anaerobic culture box is made of constant temperature were examined, sample room, anaerobic cab, box, gas path and circuit control system and other parts. The machine has advantages of good anaerobic environment, sealed performance is good, high temperature control precision, good stability, easy to use, has good economy and reliability, etc。
    1. Use of advanced scientific means to achieve high precision of the anaerobic environment, constant performance is good, constant temperature anaerobic environment, convenient for operators to operate in the anaerobic environment and to anaerobic bacteria culture.
    2. Temperature control adopts LCD display, high precision microcomputer control (with time) can intuitively reflect the actual temperature in the cabinet, and effective temperature limit protection, safe and reliable. 
    3. Ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp in the oven, gas after filtered into the box, can effectively prevent bacterial contamination.
    4. Pneumatic device, using the light touch switch control solenoid valve, can be arbitrary adjust flow accurately, can arbitrary input all kinds of gas.
    5. The pure, are all made of stainless steel plate, smooth and elegant, anticorrosive and durable.
    6. cab front window made of thick transparent impact resistance of special glass plate can be directly observed clearly indoor operation situation, latex gloves, comfortable, reliable and easy to use.
    7. indoor containing oxygen catalyst operation, equipped with test tube rack.
    8. widened design incubator for two-door, changed a single opens, encounter the phenomenon of cab front window, widening can put a lot of dishes.
    9. equipped with leakage protector.

    Anaerobic state formation time sampling room


    Cab form anaerobic time


    Anaerobic environment maintain time

    Officials in the case of stop adding trace gas mixture, > 12 hours

    The pure use operating temperature(℃)

    Room temperature + 3 ~ 60

    The pure temperature fluctuations(℃)


    The pure temperature uniformity(℃)


    The temperature resolution


    Timing function


    The power/power


    The net weight/Gross weight(kg)


    Cultivate the indoor size(cm)W×D×H


    Studio size(cm)W×D×H


    Overall dimensions(cm)W×D×H


    Packing size(cm)W×D×H


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