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7 Working Modes Gynecological LEEP Surgery Equipment 1
7 Working Modes Gynecological LEEP Surgery Equipment 1

7 Working Modes Gynecological LEEP Surgery Equipment

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    7 Working Modes Gynecological LEEP Surgery Equipment

    Main technical parameter

    1)Power Input:300VA

    2)Max Power Output




      Blend cutⅠ:23W±20%;

      Blend cutⅡ:41±20%;


      Spray Fulguration : 41W±20%




      Blend cutⅠ、Blend cutⅡ:1.25MHz±20%;


    4)Classification by Anti-electric Shock Type:I ;

    5)Classification by Anti-electric Shock Type:BF type  application part;

    6)Classification by the protection degree of input liquid:Foot Board:IPX8; Host: No Protection ;

    7)The equipment cannot be used in  Flammable anesthetic mixture with air or with oxygen or nitrous oxide gas mixture of flammable gas anesthesia ;

    8)Classification by operating model:continuous working

    9)Voltage and Frequency :AC220V 50Hz;

    10)Input power:300VA;

    LEEP:Loop electrosurgical excision procedure. It is through the circular electrode excision of cervical tissue, square and triangle electrode excision of tissue from the cervical tissue.

    Leep Knife in treatment of cervical disease in general, through the wire transmission of high frequency current, rapid heating of tissue rapidly, cellular moisture quickly evaporates, degeneration and necrosis of proteins, to achieve a way of treatment of diseases.


    Cervical erosion, cervicitis, cervical polyps, vaginal cysts, genital warts and other gynecological diseases.

    Easy operating

    Optional (Color touch screen )

    Advanced ergonomic user interface design, optical support the "trot" operation buttons, with minimal action, the shortest time to complete the parameters of location and clinical application.

    With built-in smoking system to make clear view in surgery and reduce the damage of harmful gases to human body, Can do continuous work or be synchronized with foot switch. Smoking size is adjustable.


    With a Variety of treatment electrodes .Single electrode including all kinds of circular pole, flag-shaped, knife-like, needle, ball and other reusable surgical electrode. Gynecology dedicated bipolar electrode coagulation, bipolar coagulation forceps to meet the diversified needs of different surgical. 

    Why use ablation at low temperature

    1.Safety: With electrical impedance, electrophysiological location, controllable temperature, small thermal injury ,no edema, treatment without damage to normal tissues, various safety alarm function to protect the safety of operation. Other machines have no these function.

    2.Minimally invasive: minimal trauma, quicker recovery, less invasive

    3.Effect: good treatment effect, low cost of treatment ,without hospitalization.

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