Why Use a Portable Agricultural Residue Detector, What Are Its Technical Characteristics?

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Why use a portable agricultural residue detector? The application of pesticides can solve the problem of diseases and insect pests and create a good environment for the growth of crops. However, pesticide residues have been accumulated in the human body for a long time, which will lead to some chronic diseases, and may even have problems such as vascular disease and diabetes. At this time, a portable agricultural residue detector is needed to identify whether there are residual pesticides in the vegetable vegetables, so that people can feel at ease. Enjoy healthy green food.

Now through the special equipment such as portable agricultural residue detectors, the detection process of the agricultural residue is simplified, and the test efficiency has been significantly improved. Not only the professional testing institutions can carry out agricultural disability testing, that is, ordinary production and sales of production bases, farmers' markets, supermarkets and other ordinary production and sales The place can also carry out rapid testing to effectively ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products and create healthy agricultural products without pesticide residues.

PLNC-16/24/32 series portable agricultural residue detector is a researcher at the Prank medical device manufacturers based on the standard method of food inspection by my country's newly promulgated food inspection. Essence The technical characteristics of the product are as follows:

1. Using a large -screen color LCD touch screen in Chinese, the interface is intuitive and the operation is convenient;

2. You can directly enter Chinese, English and numbers;

3. The instrument has 100 conventional project detection procedures, which can directly click the setting of the set of vegetables and fruit samples, or it can be modified or added randomly;

4. The instrument has the function of boot self -inspection to ensure that each boot detection instrument is in normal state;

5. The instrument can perform qualitative or quantitative detection, the qualitative display results are inhibitory rates, and the quantitative display results are mg/kg;

6. It can store 60,000 pieces of detection information. After the power is disconnected, the data is not lost, and it has a comprehensive query statistical function;

7. You can set the reaction time and qualified standard upper limit on the host; you can also set it on your own according to the requirements of the local regulatory authorities;

8. Can be connected to the upper machine software to process the instrument detection information; the measurement data can be uploaded to the monitoring network;

9. The instrument has a passive detection function, and the passive for no less than 8 hours;

10. It can be measured by single channels, multi -channel detection at the same time; the instrument built -in thermist high -speed printer;

11. It is easy to carry and configure the accessory box, which is suitable for various occasions.

As a portable agricultural residue detector manufacturer, Progen Medical has certificates such as high -tech enterprises and dual -soft enterprises identified by relevant ministries and commissions. The enterprise has passed the quality system certification of ISO9001 and ISO13485.

Why Use a Portable Agricultural Residue Detector, What Are Its Technical Characteristics? 1

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