Why Pay Attention to the Problem of Veterinary Drug Residues, Which Areas Can the Veterinary Drug Re

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my country's breeding industry has matured, showing a large -scale and intensive characteristics. In order to pursue economic benefits, some breeding companies injected too much veterinary drugs and hormones in animals. healthy. In order to ensure the smooth supply of people's food and food and vegetable food in the entire city, many food production inspection companies choose veterinary drug residue detector to detect the content of meat veterinary drug residues and jointly build food safety defense lines.

Veterinary drug residues refer to residues that cannot be fully metabolized by drugs entering animals. Why pay attention to the problem of veterinary drug residues? This is because they have a great harm to our human body, especially for carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic, and even acute poisoning and chronic poisoning. The existence of veterinary drugs, our breeding industry will suffer major losses, and even affect foreign trade exports.

Veterinary drug residues can be divided into antibiotics, hormones, sulfa and other drugs. Among them, clonatro is a common hormone drug, which is easy to cause residues in animal -derived foods. Chlorophytycin and soil antibiotics such as ricanin and ristomycin are very important in preventing animal diseases and improving animal quality. However, excessive use and abuse of veterinary drugs may cause too much residue in animal -derived foods, which will affect our food safety.

With the rapid development of the livestock and poultry breeding industry and the demand for animal -derived food for consumers, the veterinary drug residue detector has been widely used, such as animal husbandry farms, slaughterhouses, food and meat products deep processing enterprises, food and drug supervision bureaus, inspection, inspection The quarantine department, health department, high education institutions, scientific research institutes, agricultural departments and other units. Food, agricultural products, feed, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, and rapid detection of other toxins, as well as rapid detection of toxic and harmful substances.

The veterinary drug residue detector can quickly determine the veterinary drug residue in fresh meat. The use of veterinary drug residues to control the effective measures of drug residues can play the role of drugs in disease control and reduce their damage to animals, environment and humans, so that veterinary drugs can truly serve the breeding industry and humanity.

Why Pay Attention to the Problem of Veterinary Drug Residues, Which Areas Can the Veterinary Drug Re 1

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