Why Pay Attention to the Disinfection of Medical Equipment, How to Disinfect It?

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In recent years, the development of my country's medical device companies has continued to accelerate, and it has followed that safety issues have become increasingly important. Medical equipment is like an extension for doctors. During the diagnosis and treatment, the body fluids and blood of a large number of pathogenic microorganisms may contaminate medical equipment at any time. This may become a media infection in the hospital. Baches may cause hospital infection. So, how to disinfect medical equipment?

Medical equipment disinfection can be put in a medical device disinfection cabinet for disinfection. Medical device disinfection cabinets are used by ultraviolet rays, far -infrared, high temperature (high temperature disinfection through heating pipes), ozone, etc., and conduct sterilization, insulation and dehumidification of medical devices, towels, clothing, tableware, medical facilities and other items for medical equipment, surgery, towels, clothing, tableware, medical facilities and other items. tool.

For some items, such as surgical equipment after high temperature and high pressure, it can be stored sterilized and can be stored while storing. It is stored for a long time to facilitate the use of disinfection items on -site.

Ultraviolet rays and ozone disinfection of items is performed under normal temperature and normally wet. The time period and simple operation are the fast way to disinfect special equipment (not high temperature and high pressure).

The cleaning and management of surgical equipment is the basic process, but it is an important measure to prevent and control hospital infection, involving medical safety, patient safety, and hospital cost accounting. In addition, the operator is likely to be scratched by surgical device when cleaning the contaminated surgical instruments. Cleaning medical devices can greatly reduce the biological load on objects, remove pollutants, and further ensure the success of disinfection and sterilization. Secondly, cleaning medical devices can also extend the service life of medical devices.

Why Pay Attention to the Disinfection of Medical Equipment, How to Disinfect It? 1

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