Why Pay Attention to the Cleaning and Disinfection of the Anesthesia Machine? What Are the Methods?

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Anesthesiomer is a regular medical equipment of the hospital. With the development of modern medical technology, all types of large and medium -sized surgery need to be used to complete the anesthesia machine. Therefore, the operation, use, maintenance, cleaning and disinfection of the anesthesia machine is particularly important. Improper maintenance of anesthesia machines will not only shorten the service life, but also increase the cost of use. If the cleaning and disinfection are not in place, it is easy to cause cross -infection, bring hidden safety hazards, and even cause serious consequences. Let me tell you the cleaning and disinfection method of anesthesia machine.

Clean up

Keep the outside of the anesthesia clean, soak the cloth with standard detergent, remove the dust of the anesthesia machine, and then dry the anesthesia with a dry cloth. One room. Ensure the number of backups of various damaged parts, and the pipelines after use are cleaned in time and stored after disinfection.


For components that are in contact with patients, such as respiratory tubes and respiratory capsules, the pipes are mostly artificial synthetic materials, rubber, metals, etc., which can be removed and washed in water, disinfected and soaked. Phlegm, blood stain oil and other dirty residues.

Disassemble inhaling and exhale living petals, dry the water, and then restore.

The flow sensor should be cleaned and disinfected after the photoelectric conversion part is removed and dried immediately. The electrical part should not be cleaned.


The disinfection treatment after stopping the anesthesia needs to be completely cleaned and disinfected for next use.

Disinfection method:

Drug soaking and disinfection method.

Gas fumigation and disinfection method, formaldehyde, epoxyne ethylene.

While cleaning and disinfection of the anesthesia machine, we should also pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of the ward. For indoor objects like a bed, the indoor floor is wiped 0.112%peroxide per day. Regularly use the air -conditioning equipment to replace the air change equipment for ventilation. Regular disinfection in the indoor can be used to use ultraviolet rays into disinfection. It can also use real disinfection equipment, such as the natural purification of clean surgery. After the patient evacuated, the room was completely cleaned and disinfected.

Focus on the maintenance and disinfection of the use of anesthesia, increasing the integrity and usage rate of anesthesia, reducing failures, and reducing use and maintenance costs. It is the basis for ensuring the safety of patients.

Why Pay Attention to the Cleaning and Disinfection of the Anesthesia Machine? What Are the Methods? 1

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