Why Is Nucleic Acid Extraction Very Important?

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The new coronary pneumonia epidemic in 2020 made the 'nucleic acid detection' into the public's field of vision. Except for the early sample collection, transfer, and active treatment, nucleic acid detection products are mainly divided into 2 steps during the detection process, namely nucleic acid extraction, and extraction of nucleic acid extraction. Expansion detection. The amplification detection part mainly depends on the purity of the previous step of nucleic acid extraction and the performance of the amplifier instrument. Therefore, the key to the difference in nucleic acid detection products itself lies in the step of "nucleic acid extraction".

At present, the common sample cracking techniques on the market include physical heating and cracking, protease K cracking, and one -step nucleic acid extraction. Nucleic acid purification technology has gradient centrifugal method, silicone mold pillar method, and magnetic bead method. Therefore, for the different nucleic acid extraction technology, the sample cracking and nucleic acid purification links are different, the operation is tedious, the extraction efficiency and the purity of the nucleic acid will be different. Complex operations are more likely to cause air -soluble pollution and bring risk of cross -infection. Therefore, choosing the appropriate extraction technology is essential for the current epidemic prevention and control.

After the magnetic bead adsorption method is digested through the cracking liquid, the nucleic acid is released, and the nucleic acid and the magnetic bead are binding (specific and non -specific). The magnetic beads are used to extract the nucleic acid extraction as a subsequent gangster. Magnetic pearl nucleic acid extraction instrument has the following advantages:

1. Safe and non -toxic, toxic reagents such as benzene and chloroform in traditional methods will not be used, which is very consistent with the concept of modern environmental protection.

2. The specific combination of magnetic beads and nucleic acids increases the concentration of nucleic acids and increases the purity of nucleic acids.

3. It can enable automation and large -scale operations. So far, the 96 -hole nucleic acid automatic extract instrument has already available. The extraction time of using a sample can be achieved. The operation requirements are very consistent, and it can quickly and timely cope with the outbreak of infectious diseases.

4. Save the use time and have a simple operation process. Most of them can complete the entire extraction process within 36-40 minutes.

With the advent of the "post -genome era", fast and efficient technical methods such as magnetic bead adsorbing method have been widely used in nucleic acid extraction. In the past, some traditional nucleic acid extraction methods were not suitable for the development requirements of molecular biotechnology due to cumbersome operation, low extraction efficiency, time -consuming and labor -intensive, or toxic chemical reagent and not easy to achieve automated instrument operation. With people's efforts and technological progress, I believe that more simple, safe, efficient, low -cost, and applicable to new nucleic acid extraction methods for automated instruments, thereby promoting the development of molecular biology faster.

Why Is Nucleic Acid Extraction Very Important? 1

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