Why Does Medical Ventilator Be Used in Medical Institutions?

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With the progress of modern medicine, more and more medical ventilator is applied to emergency rescue, anesthesia, postoperative recovery, respiratory treatment and respiratory maintenance, and possess important positions in medical equipment. The mechanical ventilation of medical ventilator includes non -invasive and ventilated parts. Non -invasive positive pressure ventilation refers to the positive pressure mechanical ventilation method that does not need to establish an artificial airway. The clinical application of mouth and nose mask or nasal mask is used for positive pressure ventilation. Positive -pressure mechanical ventilation method performed by the tracheal intubation and bronchial cutting).

There is a ventilator that needs to be used after "tracheal intubation or bronchial cutting", that is, professional medical personnel should be inserted by the patient's mouth or nasal trachea or cut the trachea from the neck. Receive the ventilator to provide ventilation support for patients. It is mainly aimed at patients with unconsciousness, free breathing, or unable to withstand non -invasive ventilator. The advantage of creating ventilator is that it can connect high pressure, high flow, and high concentration of oxygen to meet the needs of patients with severe illnesses and can absorb phlegm to keep the airway unobstructed. Patients with severe illnesses need to be monitored throughout the process, so they are usually only suitable for use in professional medical institutions.

Medical ventilator is mainly used in hospitals, which are suitable for various conditions and various conditions. The purpose of its treatment is: 1. Maintain the appropriate amount of ventilation so that the amount of alveolar ventilation meets the body's needs. Improve the gas exchange function and maintain effective gas exchange. 2. Reduce the work of respiratory muscles. 3. Inhalation treatment of lung in internal lung. 4. Preventive mechanical ventilation, used for respiratory failure treatment after thoracic or sepsis, shock, and severe trauma.

So why do medical ventilator be used in medical institutions?

In clinical, medical breathing opportunities are based on the patient's condition, vital signs, and blood oxygen saturation, and adjust the support pressure and oxygen supply at any time through lung dynamic parameters. Synchronize with patients. This complex system also has high requirements for stability. Whether it is the pressure driving system, the patient's circuit, the filter or the valve, any parts of the component failure, the ventilator may fail, and endanger patient life. Use.

Why Does Medical Ventilator Be Used in Medical Institutions? 1

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