Why Do You Need to Perform Blood Gas Analysis, the Application Scope of the Blood Gas Analyzer-Pulan

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Blood gas analysis refers to parameters such as the measurement of oxygen division (PO2), carbon dioxide pressure (PCO2), blood acid and alkali (pH), and then analyze and determine it And various types of acid -base imbalances.

Why perform blood gas analysis?

Dangerous patients are often accompanied by multiple organs damage due to environmental disorders in the body, especially lung and kidney dysfunction. Sometimes the function is often the direct cause of death of patients. Therefore, timely and correctly identifying and properly treatment is often one of the key factors to save patients with critical patients.

The clinical significance of blood gas analysis:

1. Detecting acid -base balance in the body (heart failure, kidney failure, severe diabetes, severe infection, alcohol poisoning).

2. Test one of the indicators of severe respiratory diseases and lung diseases (asthma, screaming).

3. Provide an oxygen or auxiliary breathing (ventilator) basis.

4. Evaluate the necessary indicators (fast, accurate) for patients' breathing, oxidation and acid -base balance.

Now the application of blood gas analysis is also very wide, for example: 1. Emergency room: coma, shock, high heat, poisoning, acute diarrhea, puffy, cardiopulmonary brain resuscitation. 2麻醉科全麻手术老年人术前术后鉴定3胸外科患者大量输血4呼吸科哮喘动态观察型型呼吸衰竭动态观察氧疗前后 ARDS dynamic observation; 5. Internal medicine: diuretic, wake up after coma, cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial infarction, renal insufficiency, renal failure, hemodialysis; 6. General surgery: postoperative hemp patients after surgery, gastrointestinal decompression, etc.

With the rapid development of testing equipment, the current blood gas analyzer of the bedside can not only detect the content of the oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases in the patient's blood within 1 minute, the changes in the content of the carbon dioxide and the alkali acidity and lactic acid -related indicators, but also quickly reflect the blood in the blood in the blood The content of potassium, sodium, and calcium provides favorable guarantee for the rapid and accurate testing of the patients with severe patients.

Why Do You Need to Perform Blood Gas Analysis, the Application Scope of the Blood Gas Analyzer-Pulan 1

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