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The new crown virus has been around for almost two years. So far, the situation of the new crown virus epidemic is still severe. Sporadic cases have continued to erupt. The detection of rapid nucleic acid testing for large -scale people has become the key to the prevention and control of the epidemic. The installation of fully automatic nucleic acid extraction instruments greatly reduces the labor intensity of front -line staff, and also improves the quality and efficiency of detection.

At present, nucleic acid extraction in new coronal virus is usually used in two ways: manual extraction and instrument extraction. The hospital laboratory department usually faces a large number of samples to be tested in the new coronal virus test. It takes a short time to complete the results of the report. Therefore, the automated and high -throughput fully automatic nucleic acid extract instrument has become extremely urgent. So, what are the reasons for extracting nucleic acids?

Gene expression in disease research.

Tracking the response to drug treatment (for example, monitor virus titers during antiviral treatment).

identify new species and understand the evolution process in depth (for example, ancient DNA analysis).

Monitor and classify the pathogens that cause infectious diseases in humans, animals and plants.

Monitor the safety of food and water through microbial detection and quantitative monitoring.

Diagnosis of diseases (such as genetic diseases, cancer, immunology defects).

With the continuous occurrence of the epidemic, laboratory diagnosis plays an important role in disease prevention and control. Testing for pathogenic acid is a common means of laboratory diagnosis. Traditional nucleic acid separation and purification methods are not only cumbersome, but also timely, affecting the efficiency of prevention and control. The fully automatic nucleic acid extract can be processed in batches, and it has the advantages of simple operation, short time, and low price, so as to achieve the purpose of accelerating the experimental process and improving the detection efficiency.

Why Do You Need to Extract Nucleic Acid and Nucleic Acid? -Prang Medical 1

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