Why Do You Need to Detect These Specific Proteins and CRP Detection?

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Specific protein refers to functional proteins in blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, thorax, pericardium, and pericardium. The laboratory uses antigen-antibody reactions to determine the protein with a specific antigenicity in the body fluid, which is called specific protein detection. So why do you need to detect these specific proteins?

The changes in protein are closely related to the physiological and pathological changes of many diseases, including infectious diseases. Infectious diseases refer to a major type of diseases caused by the human body infected with various pathogens (such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites). After the pathogen and the human body interaction, a series of specific proteins can be produced. These proteins can be produced by bacteria active or bacterial infection. These proteins can be used for assisting diagnosis, severity assessment, and prognosis judgment of infectious diseases.

For example, a C-reactive protein (CRP) of specific protein detection. When bacterial infection, CRP increased significantly, and the body was infected rapidly after 6-8 hours. Normally, patients with acute phase infection increase the severity of the disease.

CRP can identify bacterial or viral infections and know whether to use antibiotics; CRP is particularly prompting for patients who cannot express symptoms (such as infants, coma, and dementia patients, etc.); provide a basis for the diagnosis of newborn bacterial infections; Improve the accuracy of risk prediction of cardiovascular disease, and dynamically monitor the course of the disease. It is used in various acute inflammation, tissue injury, myocardial infarction, surgical trauma infection, and malignant tumor infection.

In addition, specific protein analyzers can also be detected: kidney skills series: cuscotin C (CYS-C), 2-macaroprotein, neutrophils of messengase-related carrier protein (Ngal) Combining protein (RBP), urine microfilled white protein (MA), rotor protein (TRF); inflammation series: C-reactive protein (CRP), ultravisive C-reactive protein (HSCRP); rheumatoid series: rheumatoid factor (rheumatoid factor ( RF), Antibacteria oligoen (ASO), etc., provides important basis for the diagnosis of the condition.

Why Do You Need to Detect These Specific Proteins and CRP Detection? 1

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