Why Do We Maintain Clinical Examination Equipment and How to Maintain Their Good Working Status? -Pr

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Modern medical treatment is inseparable from the support of advanced medical testing equipment. Therefore, strengthening the maintenance of medical equipment is extremely important. This requires us to do a good job in the maintenance of medical testing instruments to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the inspection.

There are many instruments in the standard hospital, including blood conventional instruments, biochemical analysis instruments, and immune analyzers. Aiming at various diseases from biochemistry, hematology, cytology, immunology, etc., provide accurate and scientific test basis for clinical diagnosis of diseases, tracking efficacy, and estimated prognosis. So, how to maintain these clinical examination equipment in a good state?

1. The maintenance of clinical examination equipment

At present, most of the tests in the actual clinical tests need to be completed by machines, so special attention should be paid to the maintenance of clinical examination equipment. The first is to place the inspection instrument in a working room with appropriate temperature; the second is to arrange professional maintenance personnel to maintain the clinical examination equipment regularly; the third is to control the inspection quality of the inspection instrument at the beginning of the inspection; After the daily use, the inspection instrument is turned off.

2. Create a good use environment

For the general situation where the hospital environment cannot be changed, we should strive to change the environment inside the inspection department, such as timely cleaning the ground, maintaining moisturizing, maintaining appropriate temperature, and timely ventilation. Most clinical inspection equipment operates the environmental temperature between 15 C and 40 C, and the environmental humidity should be between 15%and 85%. The clinical examination equipment should be placed in the position of no magnetic field and interference voltage, and the operating voltage should be kept stable during operation. For some optical instruments, in order to delay the aging of optical components, direct sunlight should be avoided to prevent equipment aging.

Why Do We Maintain Clinical Examination Equipment and How to Maintain Their Good Working Status? -Pr 1

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