Why Do Patients with Slow Pulmonary Use a Non -invasive Ventilator

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Many problems such as slow slow support, slow lung block, and emphysema. When they develop to a certain degree, doctors may recommend buying non -invasive ventilator home for treatment. Slow -blocking patients and family members have a lot of questions about using ventilator, such as "Will not be uncomfortable to use non -invasive home respiration opportunities", "Is the non -invasive ventilator pipe" and so on. Why do patients with lungs use non -invasive ventilator.

If you think of the lungs as a big tree, there are many branches and leaves of different sizes. Children's pulmonary intonation is obstructive. If these branches of trachea occur and blockage, the patient will have difficulty breathing, poor breathing, and cannot complete the gas exchange. Can't discharge.

The respiratory muscles of patients with slow pulmonary patients have been in high load state for a long time, and muscle fatigue is severe. After using the use of non -invasive ventilator, the fatigue muscle of fatigue can be rest, which enhances the contraction of the respiratory muscles, thereby improving the pulmonary ventilation function. , Sleep quality and activity ability, improve SAO2 and life quality.

The treatment of non -invasive ventilator gives patients a higher inhalation pressure and a lower exhalation pressure, and helps patients excrete carbon dioxide through this pressure difference, effectively alleviate carbon dioxide retention, thereby preventing hyperthamodeline. It is known that hypertonate is one of the main causes of death in patients with chronic pulmonary patients.

The quality of the non -invasive ventilator has a direct improvement of the quality of life of the patient. On the one hand, it makes the patient's breathing easier. On the one hand, it reduces the probability of acute seizures and is also an improvement of the comfort of disguise.

Schopusida's S9600 S/T non -invasive ventilator is mainly used to treat adult obstructive sleep and respiratory quality suspension syndrome (SAS). On the day of wearing, you can achieve all symptoms such as snoring, breathing, low ventilation, hypoxia, etc., which is used. If you want to buy my company's unsecured ventilator, please contact us.

Why Do Patients with Slow Pulmonary Use a Non -invasive Ventilator 1

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