Why Do Patients with Slow Pulmonary Blockers Need Non -invasive Ventilator? How to Choose the Breath

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Recently, many patients with slow pulmonary obstruction have come to consult our non -invasive ventilator. Why do they choose this device? What is the role of this device for our condition? In fact, for this series of issues, let's take a look at the role and basic use of non -invasive ventilator.

First of all, we must first understand what is slow obstructive lung, a kind of airflow restricted, airflow blocking characteristics, and showing sexual development. With the development of the disease, chronic obstruction is likely to develop into common chronic diseases such as lung heart disease and respiratory failure, and the disability rate and mortality rate are high. Due to the initial stage of slow obstruction, the patient will have carbon dioxide retention and feels difficulty in breathing. Therefore, it is necessary to use ventilator to improve the symptoms and relax fatigue muscle. The use of ventilator as soon as possible can not only improve the quality of life of patients with chronic pulmonary blockers, but also help reduce the number of acute seizures and reduce the number of hospitalizations per year.

After a simple understanding of the condition of non -invasive ventilator on patients with chronic pulmonary patients, we will ask we will ask the current non -invasive ventilator types and brands. What should we choose? The editor of the Proven Medical Equipment Manufacturer will briefly introduce you.

At present, there are two main types of household non -invasive ventilator, and each characteristic of different characteristics is focused on. One is the non -invasive ventilator for sleep problems, mainly to deal with diseases such as sleep apnea; the other is non -invasive ventilator for respiratory diseases, including breathing function, slow lung blocking, etc. For patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary, a ventilator dedicated to respiratory diseases should be selected. Among them, dual -level non -invasive ventilator with ST mode is a good choice for slow pulmonary treatment to ensure the effectiveness and safety of home treatment sex.

The ST mode can not only provide inhalation pressure and exhalation pressure, but also set a reserve breathing frequency. The role of this setting is that if the patient's autonomous breathing ability is strong, the ventilator can provide breathing support according to its respiratory frequency to assist the breathing of patients with slow pulmonary patients; For standards, the ventilator will automatically turn on the reserve breathing frequency. The patient is forced to breathe through the active air delivery method. To a certain extent, the patient's breathing is maintained to avoid danger. If you want to know more about product information about non-invasive ventilator, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

Why Do Patients with Slow Pulmonary Blockers Need Non -invasive Ventilator? How to Choose the Breath 1

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