Why Do Medical Equipment Disinfection? Medical Devices Disinfection Method

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Why do medical equipment disinfection? Many medical devices need to directly contact the human skin, blood and related lesions when they are used. Caused hidden dangers of medical care.

The specific disinfection of medical equipment refers to the use of cleaning and soaking to remove a large number of or all pathogenic microorganisms on medical devices, appliances and items to make it harmless. The sterilization refers to the use of physical or chemical methods to remove the bacteria and viruses contaminated on medical devices.

There are more and more ways to disinfect the hospital. Not all medical equipment uses a single disinfection method, but choose the disinfection method based on the nature of disinfection items. Common disinfection methods are:

1. Physical disinfection (thermal disinfection method, ultraviolet disinfection method, low -temperature plasma disinfection method, filtering sterilization method, static sterilization method, microwave method).

2. Chemical disinfection methods (sterilizers, efficient, medium -efficiency, inefficient disinfection agent).

3. Bio -disinfection (phage, antibacterin, Chinese herbal medicine).

There are many ways to disinfection. The biological disinfection method is usually not completely sterilized. The use of physical sterilization and disinfection is not very flexible, and there are many shortcomings in some chemical disinfection methods. When disinfection agents, when disinfection surgical equipment, sheets, clothing, and environment, Depending on the disinfectant, the artificial ratio is required to form a disinfectant with different concentrations. Not only is it very inconvenient, but it is difficult to grasp the concentration of the ultimate disinfection, and the disinfection effect is not guaranteed. Staff's long -term contact with disinfectants will cause serious damage to the skin and nails. The hospital disinfection supply room is also filled with the smell of heavy disinfection, which has also caused great harm to the health of medical staff.

Why Do Medical Equipment Disinfection? Medical Devices Disinfection Method 1

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