Why Clean the Non -invasive Ventilator Mask, How to Clean It?

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With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more families use non -invasive ventilator. In the process of using the machine, an important problem is often overlooked, that is, the cleaning and disinfection of non -invasive ventilator masks. The silicone pad of the mask is closely related to the face every day. The cleaning of the mask is closely related to human health. So why do you need to clean the non -invasive ventilator mask? Let me introduce it to you.

The mask will cause condensate water due to the humidification and heating function, which causes microbial ravioli and odor, so it must be cleaned. However, the cause of the mask is actually secreted by grease. The secretion efficiency of facial sebaceous glands is much larger than other parts of the body, and too much oil is the main cause of hardening and cracking of soft parts such as masks/forehead pads.

The reason for another mask is the aging of the overall component, including: the elasticity of the headband is poor, the soft silicone of the mask/forehead pad cannot be fixed in the correct position. The consequences of being easy to move in the position of wearing are that users tighten their heads to avoid moving, omitting air, facial marks, and ulceration. Of course, at this time, the duration of the mask will be reduced faster.

So, how to clean up non -invasive ventilator masks?

1. Mask

First dismantle the mask, use warm water and an appropriate amount of soap liquid to wash the mask, and help clean the components. Check all parts to ensure cleaning and no cleaning agents. Re -clean if necessary.

2. Pipeline

Use the inner and outer parts of the mild soap liquid and warm water. Make sure all parts are cleaned. Hanging to dry the pipeline, natural air -dried masks, avoid direct sunlight.


1. In addition to daily maintenance, mask silicone pads need to be replaced regularly.

2. Wash the headband once a week to avoid pulling hard, do not put it with other debris.

3. To avoid cross -infection, masks and accessories are only for single use.

Non -invasive breathing machine masks, as objects that are worn every day, are very important to keep cleaning and hygiene, otherwise it may affect the experience and treatment effects. Wash the mask on time on time, allowing us to have a better experience.

Why Clean the Non -invasive Ventilator Mask, How to Clean It? 1

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