Why Are Many Three Hospitals Prefer Imported Medical Devices?

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At the same time as the improvement of living standards, the medical level has largely become an important indicator of the level of national happiness. Nowadays, while major hospitals are constantly improving their business medical level, they are also actively introducing various advanced medical appliances. But why are many three hospitals prefer imported medical devices? Let's take a look together.

1. Performance quality

Although the overall science and technology level in my country has caught up with the world's advanced countries, nearly 80%of the medical devices in large and medium -sized hospitals in China are imported due to historical reasons. Although domestic medical equipment has made great progress, there is still a certain gap compared to equipment in developed areas in Europe and the United States. Specifically manifested in high -end medical devices, both its performance and product quality, and it is difficult to be recognized by relevant staff.

2. Product price

The price advantage has always been one of the reasons for the rapid market recognition of domestic medical care. In recent years, with the changes in the medical market environment, domestic medical devices have gradually begun to open the market. However, the problem is that the price cost and market share are very important. With the continuous expansion of the user scale, the cost can be rapidly declined. For domestic equipment To expand the market is a bit difficult. The importers have mastered a large number of markets and controlled the trend.

In addition, it is necessary to consider after -sales service. It is not to say that domestic medical equipment is not done well, but that the hospital's application is relatively limited. Therefore, the after -sales service system of some manufacturers is not very sound, and it is difficult to be difficult Spread the profits you obtained into cities with relatively weak market share.

Why Are Many Three Hospitals Prefer Imported Medical Devices? 1

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