Who Needs Buyers to Use Non -invasive Ventilator? How to Choose?

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Homeless ventilator is a device that can improve people's breathing, increase lung ventilation, and improve respiratory function. Although it is not a medical equipment that needs to be popular, there are indeed some patients who need to use homeless ventilator in clinical practice. So, who needs buyers' non -invasive ventilator? There are mainly the following three types of people:

The first is the patient with sleep and respiratory suspension syndrome.

The typical manifestations of such people are "snoring" during sleep, often combined with obesity, and breathing suspension and hypoxia may occur. Medium and severe sleep respiratory suspension syndrome. The low ventilation index of respiratory suspension is greater than equal to 15 times/hour, or although the index is not high, people with symptoms such as drowsiness during the day can choose homeless ventilator under the guidance of a doctor. Use every night when sleeping, and the pressure applied by the ventilator to keep the airway open, thereby continuously providing oxygen to improve the problem of hypoxia during sleep during sleep.

The second is the crowd of chronic respiratory failure.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, pulmonary heart disease and other patients with diseases such as the end of the disease will occur, and will cause respiratory failure, oxygen -hypoxia or non -carbon dioxide retention, and need oxygen inhalation and breathing support. Therefore, such people can choose homeless ventilator under the guidance of doctors to help patients excrete carbon dioxide and inhale more oxygen. According to the patient's condition, in some cases, the homeless ventilator needs to be used in conjunction with the oxygen making machine, while the patient with simple sleep respiratory suspension syndrome does not need oxygen making.

The third is the gradual frozen person, that is, patients who affect the function of respiratory muscle function.

Their respiratory system is actually no problem, but due to the failure of respiratory muscle strength, the "no strength" breathing will gradually lack oxygen and carbon dioxide stay with the disease.

How to choose a homeless ventilator?

First of all, pay attention to whether the home non -invasive ventilator is a single level or a dual level. A single horizontal ventilator supports the upper airway by providing a physiological pressure to ensure the opening of the airway during sleep, suitable for patients with sleep and respiratory suspension syndrome. If such patients have a clear condition and have no other serious heart or lung disease, then single -horizontal ventilator is enough. There is no need to buy more expensive dual -level ventilator. Dual -level ventilator is also known as "dual -horizontal airway positive pressure ventilator". It produces ventilation power by providing two different airway pressures with high pressure and low pressure. It is conducive to inhalation. When the patient exhales, it provides lower pressure, which is suitable for patients such as chronic respiratory failure and motor neuronal diseases such as chronic obstruction.

Secondly, when buying a dual -horizontal ventilator, pay attention to whether it is S mode or ST mode. The S mode is an independent breathing mode. When the patient has autonomous breathing, the patient's autonomous inhalation is triggered to trigger the ventilator for exhalation; the T mode is the time control mode, that is, when the patient does not have the ability to breathe autonomous, through a time nature The compulsory mode to control the breathing is the spare mode of the patient when it cannot inhale and trigger the ventilator. For example, the machine is automatically delivered once within 5 seconds. Combination: When the patient's autonomous breathing stabilizes, the S mode is synchronized with the patient's breathing. If the patient stops or unstable, it will automatically switch to the T mode when the preset safety frequency is lower. At that time, switch back from the T mode back from the T mode.

In other words, if the patient's condition is not serious, he can breathe autonomously and sober consciousness, and choose the dual -level ventilator of the S mode, which is relatively economical; if the patient's symptoms, age, and poor breathing are poor, it is recommended to choose a ST mode. Double -level ventilator to ensure the safety of patients as much as possible.

Who Needs Buyers to Use Non -invasive Ventilator? How to Choose? 1

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