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The ventilator is an effective means to replace or autonomous ventilation. It can play a vital device that prevents and breathe, reduce complications, and save and prolong patients' lives. As more and more functions, good synchronization performance, suitable price, and convenient homeless ventilator, respiratory diseases can accept non -invasive mechanical ventilation, which not only reduces the pressure, but also saves family expenditure.

Family non -invasive ventilator, for two categories of people, one is a snoring patient, that is, snoring people, that is, sleep respiratory suspension syndrome. The main symptoms are: drowsiness during the day, lack of spirit, insufficient sleep at night, purple lips, snoring sleep, memory decline, sexual function loss, short neck, small chin, nasopharye patients, obesity, and so on. If you have the above phenomena, please go to the respiratory department or otolaryngology department of the local three or more hospitals in time for sleep monitoring and inspection.

The other type is the early or stable slow pulmonary blockage, slow exhalation, emphysema, and patients with motor neuron disease.

Patients with lung disease are inseparable from houseless ventilator, such as lung heart disease, emphysema, asthma, etc. patients with dyspnea require us to treat Good improvement of patients' cardiopulmonary function and reducing heart failure.

The clinical manifestations of motor neuron lesions are muscle atrophy, muscle weakness, and the upper and lower movement neurons are paralyzed and coexist, without affecting sensory systems, plant nerves, and cerebellum function. Homeless ventilator can effectively alleviate respiratory muscle fatigue and replace patients instead of patients. Your own lung function.

The types of ventilator of the two categories of people are slightly different. We usually use a single horizontal automatic ventilator for snoring ventilator. For the latter's respiratory disease, you must use a dual horizontal ventilator with ST function. Essence

The above is a commonly applicable population for homeless ventilator. Of course, there are some more complicated diseases. It is necessary to debug and choose according to the condition.

Which People Are Suitable for Family Non -invasive Ventilator and How to Choose? -Prang Medical 1

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