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Many people are unknowingly troubled by slow diseases due to many factors such as work pressure and lifestyle. In terms of breathing, it is light to sleep, and the lungs are slowly blocked and even developed into hyperthamodemia. The risk of surgery is relatively high and cost -effective, and it takes time to recover, and even the possibility of recurrence. Therefore, more and more people now choose to use home ventilators to alleviate these symptoms.

So, what are the symptoms of household ventilator?

当家中有人存在严重通气不良严重换气障碍神经肌肉麻痹心脏手术后颅内压增高新生儿破伤风使用大剂量镇静剂需呼吸支持时窒息心肺复苏任何原因的呼吸停止或To stop waiting, home ventilators can provide better treatment auxiliary effects.

What are the precautions in the daily use of home ventilator?

Although the home ventilator is convenient, when used for the first time, pay attention to whether the patient will have discomfort. If discomfort occurs, the mask, parameters, etc. should be adjusted in time, and the patient should be given psychological guidance to reduce the patient's discomfort.

When using a ventilator, if the patient has dry mouth, you can eliminate discomfort by drinking plenty of water. In use, you should also try to breathe with your nose, close your mouth, talk less, and avoid gastrointestinal discomfort or leakage.

How to clean the household ventilator every day?

1. When using a home ventilator, in order to ensure the hygiene of the instrument, clean the mask once a day, and wash the filter and pipeline once every three days.

2. When there is no obvious stain on the surface of the instrument, you can wipe it with water; if there are stains or blood stains, you can wipe it with a chlorine disinfectant.

3. Wipe 75%alcohol in the nose (surface) cover before wipe it with water.

4. For the pipes on the ventilator, you can soak it with chlorine -containing disinfection water for 30 minutes, then rinse with flowing water, and dry it.

5. After the headband can be cleaned with a cleaner, rinse it with water.

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Which People Are Applicable to Home Ventilator and How to Use It Correctly? -Prang Medical 1

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