Which Is the Best Domestic Automatic Blood Gas Analysis Device Brand? How to Operate?

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As a clinical medical device, the fully automatic blood gas analyzer has a great role in evaluating the ventilation and ventilation function of the body, as well as various acid -base imbalances. The use of blood gas analyzers in patients with multiple injuries, heart failure, respiratory failure and other patients can adjust the treatment plan, ventilator mode and parameters in time according to the test results, which greatly reduces patients' retention time in the emergency department, reducing the crowded patients in the emergency department. Degree, better implement emergency process management, and improve patient satisfaction. Which domestic automatic blood gas analysis device brand is better?

With the development and progress of domestic medical technology, the domestic blood gas analyzer has become the primary choice for various medical institutions with the advantages of performance, price, and after -sales. Analysis instrument brand. The advantages of the product of PL2000PLUS blood gas analyzer are as follows:

1. Fast and simple

1. Automatic inhalation of proofing system, automatic standard;

2. Fast detection, 80s/sample;

3. Automatically collect waste liquid to avoid biological pollution;

4. Can be connected to the LIS data system for easy management.

Second, small and portable

1. Portable design, built -in lithium batteries;

2. The reagent room temperature is kept without refrigeration.

Third, exemption

1. There is no internal liquid road with high stability;

2. Built -in self -diagnosis function;

3. The integrated design of the reagent package contains the inner suction needle, the detection electrode, the standard product and the waste liquid area, and it is discarded after use.

Fully automatic blood gas analyzer operation step:

Step 1: Sample. Now it is generally used to directly use BD blood gas needles to puncture radial artery or femoral artery.

Dynamic puncture is about 0.5-1.5ml; 2. Passion in the needle into the rubber plug to avoid intake.

Step 2: On the plane. You check or not check, the blood gas analyzer is there, you just need to walk in front of it gently.

Choose the blood of the threat; point start; the inlet needle will automatically extend.

Step 3: Detection. Stretch out your index finger, or middle finger ..

Enter patient information; Enter body temperature; Switch mode Enter oxygen absorbing parameters.

Click "OK", the printed detection results come out, and then tear it down! And after that? After that, oxygen absorbing, sputum, acid correction, fluid replenishment, blood transfusion, call consultation .. What should I do, the other is the strength of the doctor!

At this stage, there are many manufacturers of blood gas analyzer in the current application, with different models and specifications, but the characteristics and actual operations are exactly the same. If you want to buy the fully automatic blood gas analyzer of Probrang Medical, or understand the specific technical parameters, contact us, consult the phone: 400-6656-888.

Which Is the Best Domestic Automatic Blood Gas Analysis Device Brand? How to Operate? 1

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