When Detecting Blood Sugar, What Is the Difference Between the Home Blood Glucose Meter and the Hosp

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Blood glucose meter detection of blood glucose is a simple, convenient, and fast detection method, which is becoming more and more popular. However, some people found that when using the home blood glucose meter, they found that the blood glucose test of the same condition and the same patient under the same conditions as the hospital. So, when detecting blood sugar, what is the difference between the home blood glucose meter and the hospital's fully automatic biochemical instrument?

The blood glucose detector used by most families use electrochemical method to determine the blood glucose concentration. The glucose molecules in the blood will have an oxidation reaction with the enzymes on the blood sugar test paper. When a certain voltage is applied, the current of the blood that has occurred blood will increase with the increase of blood glucose concentration, and according to the linear relationship between the blood glucose concentration and the current value, the corresponding corresponding current on the test strip is measured to calculate the corresponding corresponding correspondingly Blood glucose concentration.

This method uses small blood volume, fast detection, simple operation, and easy to carry instruments, which is very suitable for individual self -testing. Clinically, the emergency room, operating room, etc. also often apply the blood glucose detector to the bedside inspection. However, due to the large number of operation details, it is more affected by artificial factors, and it is easier to cause errors. Therefore, this method is only suitable for daily blood glucose monitoring, and cannot be used for diabetes diagnosis.

The principle of automatic biochemical instrument detection is the color liquid in the container of the monochrome beam. By the absorption of light energy by the sample measurement, the detector converts the light signal into the corresponding electrical signal. This signal is large, rectified, rectified, and And convert to a digital signal, send it to the computer, and at the same time the computer controls the driving power driver filter wheel and sample disk. The computer processes, calculates, analyzes, and stores the measurement data according to the user's choice. As a result, the rame was cleaned after each group of samples was tested.

The hospital measures blood glucose to extract intravenous blood, and obtains serum and plasma after centrifugation. It is automatically detected by automatic biochemical instrument. It takes strict quality control measures regardless of whether it is detected, during testing or after testing. High, high accuracy. Therefore, it is often used for diabetes diagnosis.

When Detecting Blood Sugar, What Is the Difference Between the Home Blood Glucose Meter and the Hosp 1

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