Whatever Color Doppler Equipment Is Checked, What Advantages Does It Have?

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When you go to the hospital to see a doctor, you often need to do a color Doppler ultrasound equipment inspection. So what is the color Doppler ultrasound equipment? Color Doppler ultrasound is a color B -ultrasound, which is mainly used to check a kind of imaging medical device in various organs of the human body. It can intuitively reflect the patient's condition and be used for the following items.

1. Preparatory diagnosis can confirm the fetal and mother disease, and confirm whether there are ectopic pregnancy, incomplete abortion, intrauterine thrombosis, ovarian tumors, etc., the diagnostic rate is higher than that of ordinary black and white B -ultrasound;

2. Color ultrasound equipment can diagnose heart -related problems, confirm the main vascular disease, and diagnose coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, and lung heart disease.

3. You can check the condition of the abdominal entity, such as liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate, etc.;

4. Confirmation of thyroid and thyroid diseases, including thyroid mysyum, thyroid tumor, thyroiditis, etc., confirm whether there are thyroid abnormalities;

5. You can check the mass of the body surface, such as the neck, breast, scrotum and testicles, maxillofacial parts, and some muscle tissue examinations, etc., to confirm whether there are important diseases.

What are the advantages of color Doppler ultrasound equipment?

1. The two -dimensional plane distribution status of the blood flow can be quickly and intuitive;

2. The direction of the operation of the blood flow;

3. It is conducive to distinguishing arteries and veins;

4. It is conducive to identifying vascular lesions and non -vascular lesions;

5. It is conducive to understanding the nature of blood flow;

6. It can facilitate the time phase and speed of blood flow;

7. Can reliably discover diversion and return flow;

8. A quantitative analysis of the origin, width, length, and area of the blood flow beam.

In short, color Doppler ultrasound equipment has brought more convenience to modern medical diagnosis, and there are many effects of color Doppler ultrasound inspection, which cannot be replaced by other inspections. If you want to know, or buy our company's color Doppler ultrasound equipment, please consult 400-6656-888.

Whatever Color Doppler Equipment Is Checked, What Advantages Does It Have? 1

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