What Types of Nucleic Acid Extraction Instruments Are Divided into? Daily Nursing Method

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Nucleic acid extraction instrument is an instrument that uses a supporting nucleic acid extract reagent from the motion to complete the sample nucleic acid extraction work. Nucleic acid extraction instruments are widely used in disease control centers, clinical disease diagnosis, blood transfusion safety, forensic identification, environmental microbial testing, food safety testing, animal husbandry and molecular biology research.

What types of nucleic acid extraction instruments are divided into?

1. Divided according to the size of the instrument model

1. Automatic liquid workstation. The automatic liquid workstation is a powerful device. The liquid liquid liquid and solution are automatically completed. It can even be fully automated through the functions of integrated expansion and detection.

2. Small automatic nucleic acid extract instrument. Small automated instruments are used to achieve the purpose of automatic extraction of nucleic acid by the particularity of the operation structure, which can be applied in any laboratory.

2. Divide differently according to the principle of extraction

1. Instrument with a centrifugal pillar method. The centrifugal pillar method nucleic acid extraction instrument is mainly combined with a centrifugal machine and an automatic pipette device. The flux is generally 1-12 samples. The operation time is similar to the handmade extraction. It does not improve the actual work efficiency and is expensive.

2. The instrument of the magnetic bead method. Taking the magnetic bead as the carrier, the magnetic bead is used to adsorb nucleic acid under high salt and low pH value, separates the principle of separation from nucleic acid under low -salt and high pH, and then uses mobilizing magnetic beads or transfer liquid to achieve the entire extraction process of nucleic acid.

What are the daily nursing methods of nucleic acid extract?

1. Installation environment of the instrument. Normal atmospheric pressure (should be less than 3000m altitude), temperature 20-35 C, typical use temperature 25 C, relative humidity 10%-80%, and flowing air flowing in 35 C or below.

2. Avoid placing the instrument near the heat source, such as electric heaters; at the same time, in order to prevent the short circuit of electronic components, water or other liquids should be avoided.

3. The air inlets and exhaust ports are located on the back of the instrument. At the same time, avoid dust or fibers from gathering at the air inlet to keep the air duct smooth.

4. Nucleic acid extract instrument is at least 10cm from other vertical surfaces,

5. Instrument ground. In order to avoid electric shock, the input power cord of the instrument must be grounded.

6. Stay away from the band circuit. The operator shall not dismantle the instrument without authorization, replace the component or the professional maintenance personnel who must have a certificate must be completed. Do not change the element without connecting the power supply.

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What Types of Nucleic Acid Extraction Instruments Are Divided into? Daily Nursing Method 1

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