What Types of Biochemical Analyzers Are Divided into? How to Choose

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Biochemical analyzers are used as a commonly used inspection device, with many places for applications, including: hospitals, laboratories, and scientific research units. As the advantages of the biochemical analyzer slowly expand, its market demand has continued to rise, and the pressure of competition is also great. At present, there are many manufacturers and brands selling and production biochemical analyzers in the market. How to choose?

What types of biochemical analyzers are divided into?

1. Semi -automatic biochemical analyzer: Some operations in the analysis process (such as adding sample, insulation, inhalation, color ratio, results records, etc.) need to be completed manually, and other operations can be automatically completed by the instrument.

2. Fully automated analyzer: The entire process from the addition to the output results is completely completed by the instrument. The operator only needs to place the sample in the reagent position of the analyzer. The automation of fully automated biochemical analyzer is high and has the function of setting standards and automatic correction. Therefore, the error is relatively small. The results are more accurate and more convenient to use.

What elements do I need to see when buying in biochemical analyzers?

1. Accuracy. The level of accuracy is closely related to the core technologies behind the instrument, and there are "dry" and "wet" biochemicals. The dry formula is a detection method to react to the liquid in the detected sample, and to respond directly with the dry powder reagent reaction to the dry powder reagent on the carrier.

2. The sample amount should be as small as possible. The degree of blood collection is high, especially for some young children or anemia patients. Therefore, when choosing a biochemical analyzer, it may biased towards equipment with less samples.

3. Solid operation. The steps of the operation should be controlled within 3 steps, and you can use it without professional training as much as possible to reduce the cost of artificial training.

4. There are few daily maintenance steps. Generally, the quality control and maintenance of large instruments will be more complicated. When the accuracy of instrument detection can be guaranteed, the cost of maintenance is reduced as much as possible, and the instrument that maintains less work or is exempted from maintenance may be more favored.

5. Brand. Good brands of products will definitely be favored by most users. Therefore, when buying biochemical analyzers, it is necessary to compare multiple models and specific conditions of manufacturers, and choose the suitable product.

6. Price. According to the purchase cost, choose the right product, and cannot blindly follow the high -priced imported products. At present, the domestic biochemical analyzers are very superior.

As a manufacturer of biochemical analyzers, Prank Medical Equipment currently has many biochemical analysis instruments, including: semi -automatic and automatic types of automatic and automatic, and different models have different performance and advantages. If you treat us to us If you are interested in the product, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Types of Biochemical Analyzers Are Divided into? How to Choose 1

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