What Should I Pay Attention to When Using Automatic Nucleic Acid Extract Instruments, How to Reduce

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In this new crown epidemic, multiple high -risk areas adopt the city's testing strategy. Under the requirements of huge scale samples, automated nucleic acid extractors played an important role in accelerating the detection of the new coronary virus.

Nucleic acid extraction instrument is an instrument that uses a supporting nucleic acid extract reagent from the motion to complete the sample nucleic acid extraction work. It is widely used in various fields such as disease control centers, clinical disease diagnosis, blood transfusion safety, forensic identification, environmental microbial testing, food safety testing, animal husbandry and molecular biology research. So, what should I pay attention to when using an automatic nucleic acid extract instrument?

1. Confirm whether the reagent is crystallized before use

Extraction reagents (especially cracks or cracking boards) may have crystals when the temperature is too low, and the crystallization will reduce the cracking effect of the cracking fluid. You can put the crystal in the water bath to fully dissolve the crystal.

2. Precautions for reagent pre -loading plates

Before using the pre -installed plate, try to use the shook machine instantaneous centrifugal or manual dump board to eliminate liquid on the sealing film and side walls to ensure the effect of cracking, washing and eluing during the extraction process. After tearing the film, pay attention to whether there is a residual film in the mouth of the plate. If so, try to remove it, otherwise the magnetic sleeve will scratch the liquid during the extraction process, and there is a risk of cross -pollution.

3. The volume of the sample does not exceed the regulations of the reagent manual

Most of the upper sample volume of the extract reagent is about 200 L. It is not recommended to increase it without permission. Too much sample volume will bring 2 consequences: one is to cause the cracking liquid dilution, the cracking effect decreases, and the other is that there is liquid overflow during the extraction process. The risk of cross -pollution.

4. Make sure that protease K is added to the reagent

Some extract reagents need to add additional protease K in the cracking plate. Because the volume of the additional sample of protease K is generally only 5-20ul, try not to add it to the hole wall, otherwise it will cause uneven mixed and reduce the cracking effect.

5. Pay attention to the correct order order

The order of the board on the machine strictly follows the instrument or instruction prompt to ensure that the two are inspected. Pay attention to whether there is any direction in the A1 hole position, especially the cracking board and elution board of the sample. Once the counter is reversed, all samples are chaotic.

The nucleic acid extractor adsorb the magnetic beads based on the magnetic rod on the magnetic rod, and moves the magnetic beads to different reagent grooves. It can apply the extraction of nucleic acids of various samples, which can handle multiple samples at the same time. The entire purification process only needs to transfer the strain, no liquid or solution, effectively avoiding problems such as cross -pollution and blocking of viscous samples. The complicated extraction process meets the demand for nucleic acid extraction of a large number of samples.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Using Automatic Nucleic Acid Extract Instruments, How to Reduce  1

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