What Should I Pay Attention to in the Operating Enzyme Label and How to Reduce the Experimental Erro

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The enzyme label uses the color method to analyze the content of antigen or antibodies. Because it is strong, highly sensitive, repetitive, fast, simple, no radioactive pollution, etc. More and more widely used. If the operational habits cannot be corrected in time, it will cause a large error. Pay attention to the following matters when operating enzyme labels:

1. Use the addition of the medicine to add liquid, and the medicine head cannot be mixed.

2. Wash the plate clean to avoid cross -pollution.

3. Strictly follow the kit to explain the operation, and the response time is accurate.

4. Do not sprinkle the sample or reagent to the surface or inside of the instrument, and pay attention to cleaning work.

5. If the samples or reagents used are polluted, toxic and biological hazards, please strictly follow the operation of the kit to prevent damage to the operator.

6. The deviation of the measurement results caused by the package problem should be modified in a timely manner according to the actual situation to achieve better results.

7. If the instrument has been exposed to pollution or infectious substances, please clean and disinfection.

8. Please cover the dust cover after use.

9. When a technical failure occurs, you should contact the manufacturer in time, and you must not disassemble the enzyme standard without authorization.

The development of the enzyme standard meter is extremely fast, there are many types, and the functions are continuously strengthened. However, only the correct use of the equipment can better play the role of the enzyme standard.

What Should I Pay Attention to in the Operating Enzyme Label and How to Reduce the Experimental Erro 1

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