What Should I Do If the Full -automatic Biochemical Device Sample Needle Is Faulty?

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The fully automatic biochemical instrument is applied to the test of large -scale biochemical projects in the hospital inspection department. With the continuous development of science and technology, the degree of automation and precision of the biochemical instrument is also getting higher and higher. In daily applications, some problems are inevitable. In order to solve the problem faster and avoid the error of instrument, the following editors summarize some common problems and solutions of some biochemicals for your reference.

Reaging warehouse causes cold device does not cause cold

Cause: The heat dissipation system is not good.

Maintenance method: clean the sponge filter of the inlet to remove the dust of the intake pipeline.

Water supply system pressure increases

Reasons: After replacing the new pipeline, the resistance of the new and old pipelines has different changes in the pressure of the water supply system.

Maintenance method: Re -adjust the total valve pressure of the water supply system and the pressure regulating knob of the electromaging valve of each pipeline.

Sampling needles and shots are not running in place

Causes: Horizontal sensors and vertical sensors of sampling needles, nipples, and vertical sensors; poor contact with the plug of the sensor; the main axis of the sampling needle and the nipple of the shot needle is too large.

Maintenance method: Wipe the sensor with water -free ethanol with a cotton swab, polish the plug with sandpaper, remove the surface oxidation layer, and add lubricating oil to the sample needle and the nipple of the niperstick.

Sensor failure

Cause: The sensor is covered with dust and water; the surface of the sensor joint is oxidized.

Maintenance method: Wipe the sensor with a cotton swab dipped in a water ethanol, and polish the oxidation layer on the surface of the plug surface with sandpaper.

Sampling needle is not synchronized with the rotation of the color disk

Cause: The main axis of the sampling needle lacks lubrication; it is loose than the color disk sensor with water or dust sensor plug.

Maintenance method: Add lubricating oil to the main axis of the sampling needle, wipe the sensor with a cotton swab dipped in water -oriented ethanol to fix the sensor plug.

The mixer is not in place (the mixer does not rotate or the sound of friction)

Cause: The stirrer is fastened by the screws; the sensor sensor is faulty; the mixer motor and the mixing rod are connected to form a reagent crystal and other dirt, which causes the motor to not rotate or rotate.

Maintenance method: Tighten the screw tightly, wipe the sensor with water -free ethanol, polish the sensor plug, clean the motor and use light lubricating oil to lubricate the motor shaft.

Water supply and drainage system leaks water

Cause: Pinpopular part or completely blocking; mold in the pipeline.

Maintenance method: Use acupuncture acupuncture needle to remove the dirt on the pipe needle, rinse the pipe with a syringe with distilled water, soak the pipeline with 2%sodium hypochlorite for 1 hour, and then rinse with a large amount of distilled water.

Sample needle plus sample failure

Cause: Sample needle obstruction

Maintenance method: Use stainless steel wire to clean the inner side of the needle, guide the additional needle, and then use the syringe with an inside to remove the protein washing agent to vigorously push and pull it to further remove the small obstructions. The exterior of the sample needle is cleaned with a gauze with alcohol.

When analyzing the failure of the automatic biochemical meter, it should be from simple to complex. First, check whether the basic structures such as sample needles, composers, stirring rods, color cups and warm tanks, and bulbs are damaged. Then analyze whether the additional system, color system, stirring system, cleaning unit, etc. are normal, check carefully, and find out the root cause of the problem.

What Should I Do If the Full -automatic Biochemical Device Sample Needle Is Faulty? 1

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