What Kind of Instrument Is an Animal Epidemic Detector? What Diseases Can Be Detected

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The detection of animal epidemic is very necessary, which is directly related to people's health requirements for meat consumption. For example, after the livestock and poultry in our farms occur, they still slaughter the supply market. Safety problems are prone to occur, which requires a special animal epidemic detector to solve it. So, what kind of instrument is this? Let's follow the editor of Proven Medical Equipment.

Animal epidemic fast detector is an enzyme -linked immune adsorption test technology, combined with advanced computer image processing methods. Dynamic detection of common major animal epidemic diseases, timely grasp the law of animal epidemic disease and epidemic dynamics, and establish a file for animal immune effect testing.

After understanding the basic definition of animal epidemic detector, many people will be curious about their detection range. In fact, as a commonly used equipment for the inspection department, especially those engaged in the breeding industry, they have more contact, so they also understand more. But for ordinary people, it is still a strange instrument. As for what kind of disease it can detect, let's take a look at it together.

Animal epidemic diagnostic instrument can quickly detect pork blue -ear virus, swine fever virus, yellow cytamotoxin B1, pig pseudo -rabies virus, pig pseudo -rabies virus Ge protein, pig mouth hoof disease 3ABC protein, pig mouthhoe disease virus IGG, pork poultry, chicken poultry, chicken poultry, chicken poultry, chicken and poultry Quick detection such as flu and so on. As for the advantages of using animal epidemic detector.

The advantage of a DWB-96G animal epidemic detector produced by Progen Medical:

1. Adopt intelligent control, with functions such as settings, data statistics, automatic preservation, automatic printing and other functions

2. Simple operation and intuitive data. The instrument is displayed in a large screen.

3. Long service life, the light source uses quartz halogen tungsten lamps, which has the dormant function of light source lights.

4. High level of informatization, the instrument is equipped with an RS-232 interface. It can communicate with the PC through the RS-232 interface, and the PC can be controlled by the PC.

5. The detection results are automatically or manual printing, which can selectively print historical detection data and judgment results.

If you are interested in the detector of our manufacturer's animal epidemic, please call the consultation hotline: 400-6656-888.

What Kind of Instrument Is an Animal Epidemic Detector? What Diseases Can Be Detected 1

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