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We need to understand which types of household ventilator can be divided into two categories, one is used to treat sleep ventilator with sleep disorders such as snoring and obstructive respiratory apnea, and the other is used to treat slow treatment slow treatment Pulmonary disorders such as lung, slow slow support, and respiratory dysfunctional disorders. The two are slightly different in patterns, parameters, and algorithms. The models are also different.

Our common home ventilator is mainly divided into these modes, namely: CPAP, APAP, Auto BPAP and other modes. It is mainly for snoring patients. Which mode of home respiratory machine is good? The editor of the Proven Medical Equipment manufacturer will introduce it in detail.

1. Single horizontal ventilator -CPAP

Single -horizontal ventilator CPAP is a single horizontal ventilator. This mode is the basis of the ventilator. The advantage is that the principle is simple, the technology is mature, and there is no special differentiation between the brands. The price is also cheaper, suitable for buying in patients with snoring.

2. Dual -level ventilator -BPAP

The BPAP of the dual -horizontal ventilator will provide a higher inhalation pressure and a lower exhalation pressure. When the patient is inhaled, the pressure is large. When the patient exhales, the pressure is less. It can help patients to complete their breath smoothly, and comfort can be described as greatly improved.

We must have a certain consciousness of the danger of snoring. If we are serious, in early intervention, under the guidance of a doctor, use household ventilator to assist, at the same time improve our own daily life, good eating habits, exercise more, improve ourselves Snoring. If you want to know more about the product information of more home ventilator, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Kind of Home Ventilator to Buy Snoring? How to Choose-Pulang Medical 1

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