What Is Ultrasound Color Doppler? Ultrasonic Color Doppler Checking Advantages See Here

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What is ultrasound color Doppler? Ultrasonic color Doppler is referred to as color Doppler ultrasound. It is a imaging medical device that is diagnosed with an ultrasound in the body. For example, if you check the digestive system, you can find out whether there are liver abscess, fatty liver, gallstones, pancreatitis, etc.; Check the urinary system if there are urinary stones; Wait.

The difference between ultrasound color Doppler and black and white ultrasound is to increase the color, but this color is pseudo -colored. It uses red and blue to display the blood flow of the human heart and larger blood vessels on the basis of B -ultrasound. Show the blood flow supply of tissue organs or lesions.

Ultrasound color Doppler generally uses autocorrelation to Doppler signal processing, and the blood flow signal obtained by the independent technology is superimposed on the two -dimensional image in real time after color coding, that is, the color Doppler blood flow image is formed. It can be seen that ultrasound color Doppler has the advantages of two -dimensional ultrasound structure images, but also provides rich information of blood flow dynamics. The actual application has been widely valued and welcomed. Sex vascular angiography ".

The advantages of ultrasound color Doppler inspection are as follows:

1. The two -dimensional plane distribution state that can quickly and intuitively shows blood flow.

2. Can show the direction of blood flow.

3. It is conducive to distinguishing arteries and veins.

4. It is conducive to identifying vascular lesions and non -vascular lesions.

5. It is conducive to understanding the nature of blood flow.

6. Can facilitate the time and speed of blood flow.

7. Can reliably discover diversion and return flow.

8. A quantitative analysis of the origin, width, length, and area of the blood flow beam.

Ultrasonic color Doppler is mainly used in cardiovascular, abdominal organs, peripheral blood vessels and fetal ultrasound examination. In clinical work, doctors first observe the morphological structure of organ or lesion tissue with the "B ultrasound", and then use " The color ultrasound "detects the blood flow of the lesion and the peripherals, and can analyze the parameters of blood flow speed and spectrum, which greatly improves the sensitivity and accuracy of ultrasonic diagnosis.

What Is Ultrasound Color Doppler? Ultrasonic Color Doppler Checking Advantages See Here 1

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