What Is the Use of Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Instrument? What Are the Advantages?

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Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument is used in the diagnosis of the heart, blood vessels, blood flow, and fetal heart rate in medical clinical diagnosis. There are many types of Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic instruments. According to the different display methods, it can be roughly divided into two categories: spectrum Doppler and ultrasonic Doppler imaginary. Let's take a look together.

The spectrum Doppler is divided into continuous spectrum Doppler and pulse -type Doppler according to the different ways to generate signals; ultrasonic Doppler's imaging instrument includes ultrasonic Doppler vascular visuals and color Doppler blood stream showing Like instrument.

In the past few decades, the research work of ultrasound spectrum Doppler's detection of blood flow has achieved great achievements, and the emergence of color Doppler has made it more perfect. The spectrum Doppler's detection of blood flow is not intuitive. Through the changes of the spectrum, the change of blood flow is expressed. For the quantitative determination of blood flow, the spectrum Doppler is a must -have tool; Like the display of blood flow is intuitive, it has become a reliable medical equipment for qualitative diagnosis.

Doppler ultrasound diagnostic check advantage:

1. The two -dimensional plane distribution status of the blood flow can be quickly and intuitive;

2. The direction of the operation of the blood flow;

3. It is conducive to distinguishing arteries and veins;

4. It is conducive to identifying vascular lesions and non -vascular lesions;

5. It is conducive to understanding the nature of blood flow;

6. It can facilitate the time phase and speed of blood flow;

7. Can reliably discover diversion and return flow;

8. A quantitative analysis of the origin, width, length, and area of the blood flow beam.

Doppler ultrasound diagnostic device is mainly used for vascular examination. Color Doppler adds Doppler function on the basis of two -dimensional images, which can check the structure and function of the cardiovascular blood vessels. It can also observe the blood flow situation, judge the direction of blood flow, measure the speed and area of blood flow, etc., which can be able to. Diagnosis of lesions more accurately.

What Is the Use of Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Instrument? What Are the Advantages? 1

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