What Is the Use of Automatic Nucleic Acid Extract Instrument? Which Performance Is Good?

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Nucleic acid testing is complicated, including sampling, active, transfer, nucleic acid extraction, gene amplification, results analysis, etc. Each link affects the results of nucleic acid detection. Extracting nucleic acids is a cautious step. The samples after severe shaking produce a large amount of air -soluble gum, which can easily lead to infection. Combining the fully automatic nucleic acid extractor and fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument and kit can determine whether the new coronary virus is suspected of infection with infection or not, and reduce the operator's direct contact with high -risk samples and reduce the risk of infection. It is an important medical equipment for epidemic screening. Essence

The correct use of automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument is very important for the experimental results. Therefore, we must pay attention to standardized operations during the use of instruments, and correctly use fully automatic nucleic acid extractors to avoid detection errors.

Precautions for the use of automatic nucleic acid extract instrument:

1. In order to avoid the waste of reagents and consumables, the number of samples of each experiment is recommended to the multiple of the number of channels. If you cannot make a multiples, the extra hole is replaced with water.

2. If there are less than 96 samples at a time, you need to seal the unused holes on the collection plate with a sealing film. When sealing the membrane, pay attention to the tight seal. The extra sealing film should be avoided as much as possible to avoid the sides of the plate to avoid the board and the transfer module card too tightly without moving normally.

3. During the operation of the fully automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument, the instrument door cannot be opened. If you open it, the instrument will stop running. At the same time, an error prompt will appear on the computer screen, and the instrument will send an alarm sound.

4. When preparing by reagents, the amount of each reagent needs to provide parameters according to the operating table.

5. Place samples, reagents, and consumables in strict accordance with the software prompts. Be sure to place it correctly and insert it to the bottom. Otherwise, a collision may occur during the runtime of the fast detection equipment of the nucleic acid.

Which performance is good?

The fully automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument of the Proven brand reduces a large number of manual operations and can complete the sample nucleic acid extraction within 15 minutes. In addition to the characteristics of fast and high traffic, it also has the following performance characteristics:

1. Prevent cross -infection. The fully automatic nucleic acid extract instrument adopts ultraviolet disinfection method. The experimental cabin side fan is mixed when mixed with the mixing movement to reduce the pollution of different batches of sample samples.

2. Extraction of nucleic acid extraction, especially the extract of RNA, has high requirements for the operator's extraction technology. If the extraction operation is improper, it may cause the virus nucleic acid degradation and cause the test results to be negative. The Pulang brand fully automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument, combined with the virus nucleic acid extraction kit, is simple to operate, can be operated on the machine after adding samples and reagents, standardized extraction purification processes, ensuring the repeatability and results stability of the experiment, and subsequent fluorescence quantitative quantitative quantitative PCR detection provides high -quality nucleic acid templates.

3. Compatible with various magnetic beads. The fully automatic nucleic acid extract instrument adopts an open platform and is suitable for various magnetic pearl extraction reagents. Professional software standard for the instrument supports the introduction of the magnetic bead kit program of other brands, forming an open and efficient fast sample extraction system.

Nowadays, the product technology of Pulang Medical on the fully automatic nucleic acid extract instrument is quite complete, the technical performance in all aspects is better, and the styles are diverse. If you want to understand the specific product performance and parameters, please call 400-6656-888!

What Is the Use of Automatic Nucleic Acid Extract Instrument? Which Performance Is Good? 1

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