What Is the Semi -automatic Coagulation? Introduction to the Operation Method of Semi -automatic Coa

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What is the semi -automatic coagulation? The semi -automatic coagulation is a semi -automatic two -channel analysis instrument made of the principle of magnetic beads. Together with the supporting reagent reagent, the coagulanting time (PT), activating part of the coagulation activation time (APTT), the fibrinogen (FIB (FIB (FIB) ), Coagal time (TT), coagulation factor, etc. to detect.

The semi -automatic coagulation is composed of the control system, detection system, mechanical device, LCD display, built -in printer, input and output part, power supply, etc. Let's take a look at the operation method of the semi -automatic coagulation.

1. Preparation of reagents;

2. The semi -automatic coagulation instrument is booted to 37 C (about half an hour);

3. Put the reagent that needs to be pre -temperature at the pre -temperature pre -temperature of the reagent;

4. Add the magnetic beads to the test cup;

5. The test is completed for testing;

6. Select project detection under the main menu;

7. After entering the detection operation interface, click one of the four text boxes below "Project Number", then the background color of the text box will become blue, which means that the user selects a channel. The channel number is in the text box in the text box. In front of;

8. After selecting the channel, you can choose the detection items you need to detect. At this time, the user only needs to click the detection item in the "Cooring Method List", and it will be selected. The background color of the project will turn blue;

9. In the text box below the "Project Number" selected by the user, the project number of the test item will be displayed. At this time, the user needs to click the text box corresponding to the "Sample Number", and then pop up the digital input small keyboard, enter the sample number according to the number above the sample, and click OK after the input is completed;

10. Click the "Settings" button, "Please add sample" prompts in the corresponding channel display interval on the right, then add the sample to the channel, click the "Detect" button, "Please add sample" prompt to become " Please close the door "Tips, cover the upper cover," please close the door "prompt to become" please add reagent "prompts. After the corresponding reagent is added, the semi -automatic coagulator will start the detection, and the reaction curve and the reaction curve and the right side of the interface will display the reaction curve and Corresponding testing time, "Please add reagents" prompts to become "being detected" prompts. After the test is completed, the "testing" prompt becomes the "end of the test" prompt. When all the test is completed, the "Test End" prompt will change to change To detect the results.

11. After clicking the "Return" button, you will enter the "Inquiry Results" interface on the day.

The semi -automatic coagulation is suitable for coagulation and anticoagulation, fibrosis and anti -fibrosis analysis of blood.

What Is the Semi -automatic Coagulation? Introduction to the Operation Method of Semi -automatic Coa 1

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