What Is the Semi -automated Analyzer? How to Operate?

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What is the semi -automated analyzer? The semi -automatic meaning is that the part of the instrument is manually operated by the steps of sampling, test agent, deodorization, mixing, insulation, color computing, results of results, writing reports, and cleaning. The semi -automated analyzer has the advantages of small and medium -sized medical units to choose the inspection equipment due to the advantages of small volume, convenient transportation, and cheap price.

So, how to operate semi -automated biochemical analyzers? Next, I will introduce the operation steps of the lower half of the biochemical analyzer.

1. Open the power switch and enter the main interface.

2. After about ten minutes, press the project key to enter the project interface, the mobile cursor select the project to be measured, and then press the parameter key to enter the parameter interface.

3. Before the initial measurement, the parameters of the item in the instrument should be set according to the parameters of the reagents used. After the correct modification is correct, press the OK key to save. When the project is measured next time, press the zero key directly in the project interface to enter zero adjustment, no need to enter the parameter modification.

4. Press the inhalation of distilled water or blank liquid in the suction liquid key. After the delay time, the inhalation light display area in the lower left corner of the screen will display the absorbent value of the liquid, and the semi -automated analyzer will automatically zero and empty. After zero, if the first measurement is measured, the project is required. If the previous bid is fixed, it can be measured directly according to the measurement.

5. After entering the standard key to enter the target interface, then press the suction key to inhale the standard liquid. The system will automatically set the standard. The standard factors of the instrument display will automatically generate a certain standard factor.

6. Then press the measurement key to enter the measurement interface. At this time, you can set the sample number and the inspector number, press the suction liquid key to inhale the corresponding number of the sample, the semi -automated analyzer automatically saves the measurement result, and then press the suction liquid key to inhale the next sample. Add one, then you can print real -time reports if you press the printing key.

7. To measure the other person's other projects, press the project key to enter the project interface, select the project, repeat the above steps, zero, set the standard, measure, and so on. Note that when the number is set, the sample numbers of each item of the same patient should be consistent.

8. Under the project interface, press the print key to enter the printing interface, enter the patient's number, press the determined key to display the measurement results, and press the print key to print the comprehensive report.

9. You should clean the color system before turning off. Press the cleaning keys under any interface to clean it. After cleaning, press the cleaning key to empty.

10. Turn off the semi -automated analyzer switch, unplug the power cord plug to avoid lightning strike damage to the machine.

It is worth noting that the semi -automated analysis instrument is kept by a special person. Before use, you must read the instrument instrument; strictly abide by the operating procedures. If the instrument fails, it should be stopped immediately, and immediately report to the custodian or the person in charge of the department to find out the reason.

What Is the Semi -automated Analyzer? How to Operate? 1

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