What Is the Risk of Animal Epidemic Infection? How to Effectively Detect

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Animal epidemic refers to serious harm to humans and animals, and may cause major economic losses. Strict control and extinguishing measures must be taken to prevent spread and avoid epidemic infection to human health. Now there is a fast detector of animal epidemic, which can effectively detect the disease, treat early treatment, and protect it before it occurs.

What is the risk of animal epidemic infection?

1. Infectious. The pathogen of animal disease is between animals and animals, and the characteristics of animal transmission between animals.

2. Intervention. Once animal disease occurs, it will inevitably cause certain economic losses and even affect public health.

3. Social response. Once animal disease occurs, it will inevitably affect food safety and public health safety. The severity of the animal epidemic is proportional to the social impact. In particular, major animal epidemics involve social reactions involving social reactions.

4. Recurrence. The pathogens that cause animal epidemics, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc., are difficult to remove in nature. Even if the animal recovers after illness and is well controlled, it may still recur under the condition of suitable conditions.

5. Disaster. Animal epidemic conditions mainly include human and natural factors. Therefore, when analyzing the risk of animal epidemics, we must resolutely control human factors and try to avoid natural factors.

After understanding the risk of animal epidemic infection, it is necessary to treat it early to reduce this dangerous system to avoid affecting people and bring greater harm. But what diseases can this device detect? What are the advantages? Let's follow the editor of Proven Medical Equipment.

Animal epidemic fast detector can quickly detect pork blue -ear virus, swine fever virus, yellow glimotoxin B1, pig pseudo -rabies virus, pig pseudo -rabies virus GE protein, pig mouth hoof -oporant 3ABC protein, pork mouthhoplastic virus IgG, pork fine virus, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken Fast detection, clothel, lackebamine, glutamitol, and Endonoshaxing such as bird flu, and Erkezhaxin.

Pron Medical launches a fast detector DWB-96G with the corresponding reagent with the corresponding or quantitative detection of multiple animal diseases with the corresponding reagent. It also has drug residues (antibiotics, hormones and mold toxins). Drug residue detection system networking. Not only this device, there are many models on sale. If you are interested, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Is the Risk of Animal Epidemic Infection? How to Effectively Detect 1

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