What Is the Principle of Magnetic Pearl Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument? What Are the Advantages?

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In recent years, the nucleic acid extract in the principle of magnetic beads has become the mainstream nucleic acid extraction equipment. Speaking of magnetic beads, then we must first understand what is magnetic beads? Magnetic beads are formed by a certain tissue package being absorbed by the core of the four -iron oxidation triple iron. It can be adsorbed by the magnet. At the same time, there are magical little beads that can adsorb (binding) nucleic acids that can be adsorbed by the surface bread. It can achieve automation and high -throughput of nucleic acid extraction.

Magnetic beads are generally divided into three layers of structure: inner layers: the kernels for supporting structures, such as polystyrene. The middle layer: the magnetic layer, the role is to adsorb the magnets on the magnetic frame, which is to separate the nucleic acid and the reactive solution. The material is usually Fe3O4. Outer layer: modified layer, generally a negative group.

The weight of the magnetic pearl nucleic acid extract instrument is the adsorption ability of magnetic beads and nucleic acids, which directly affects the output of the extraction nucleic acid. The principle of the magnetic bead method is to crack the cell first, and then combine the nucleic acid and the magnetic bead by binding the liquid. Wash the residual protein and salt ions with the washing solution. Then separate the nucleic acid and magnetic beads.

This technology can separate high -purity nucleic acids from samples such as animals and plants, body fluids, and environment. Suitable for downstream applications such as PCR, Q-PCR, molecular hybridization, sequencing, etc. Because of its highly friendly operation of magnetic beads, high nucleic acid purity, and simple automation, it has been widely used in the fields of molecular cloning, molecular hybridization, and molecular diagnosis. The specific advantages of the magnetic pearl nucleic acid extraction device are reflected:

1. It can realize automation and massive operations. At present, there are hundreds of pellet nucleic acid extract instruments. The extraction time of a sample can be treated with more than a hundred samples. Perform fast and timely response.

2. The operation is simple and short. The entire extraction process is only four steps, and most of them can be completed within 15-40 minutes.

3. Safe and non -toxic, do not use toxic reagents such as benzene and chloroform in traditional methods to reduce damage to experimental operators.

4. The specific combination of magnetic beads and nucleic acids makes the extracted nucleic acid high purity and large concentration.

The fully automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument of Proven Medical Device manufacturers is based on the magnetic rod on the magnetic rod to adsorb magnetic beads and move the magnetic beads to different reagent grooves. It can apply the extraction of nucleic acids and proteins of various samples. Just add detection samples and reagents and 96 deep -hole plates. Each independent experimental cabin can run 2 96 deep -hole plates at the same time. 24 samples. The PLH-96 (4x24) nucleic acid extract instrument is suitable for a small amount of sample extraction and the high-throughput extraction required for a large amount of samples.

What Is the Principle of Magnetic Pearl Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument? What Are the Advantages? 1

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