What Is the Physical Ultrasound Inspection, What Is the Body and What Is It?

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The color Doppler ultrasound, only the color-Doppler ultrasonic detection diagnostic technology appears on the basis of ordinary B-ultrasound. It can observe the fetal heart and blood flow, which is conducive to discovering abnormalities in the fetus in time. When doctors do color Doppler ultrasound, they must apply to the inspection site. Many people have doubts. What is this painting and what is it?

The inspection site is always coated with a light blue or transparent gel, sticky, which is a medical coupling agent and a medical product composed of a new generation of water -based polymer gel. The role of the coupling agent is to conduct an ultrasound signal as a medium to make the inspection image clearer and have a certain lubrication function.

Its pH value is neutral, is not toxic and harmless to the human body, is not easy to dry, not easy to defeat, has no corrosion, no damage to ultrasonic probes, clear ultrasound appearance, appropriate viscosity, no greasy, probe is easy to slide, moist can be moist Skin, eliminating the surface of the skin, good lubrication performance, and easy to develop.

The purpose of using an ultrasonic coupling agent is to fill the tiny gap between the contact surfaces, so that the trace air between these gaps will affect the penetration of the ultrasound; Decreased difference, thereby reducing the reflection loss of ultrasound energy in this interface. In addition, it also plays a "lubrication" role to reduce the friction between the probe surface and the skin, so that the probe can flexibly slide the detection. At present, the coupling agent used by many hospitals also adds sterilization and disinfection components. Compared with the traditional ordinary type coupling agent, it is more stringent and more widely used in the production environment.

Therefore, friends who do Doppler ultrasound do not need to worry too much. After the inspection, you only need to wipe off the more couples or wet towels. You do nt need to take a bath immediately.

What Is the Physical Ultrasound Inspection, What Is the Body and What Is It? 1

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