What Is the Heart Color Doppler Ultrasound, and What Test It Can Do?

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What is the heart color Doppler ultrasound? Color Doppler ultrasound is also called B -ultrasound and color Doppler ultrasound. Cardin color Doppler ultrasound is one of the important imaging medical equipment for non -invasive inspection of the heart. There is no radiation for the patient, and it can be repeatedly checked. Let's take a look at what inspections it can do together.

Cardiac Doppler ultrasound examination content and indications:

1. Determine the relationship between the heart and the location of the heart and the internal organs.

2. Find the abnormal heart structure. Determine the size of the room cavity of the heart, the intervals and the thickness of the room wall, the overall movement and segmentation movement of the room wall, the parts and sizes of the septal defects, the debut, the artery, the body (pulmonary) vein, the myocardial disease, the heart intra -heart Abnormal structures such as tumors, biology and thrombosis, and peripheral vascular lesions.

3. Find the abnormal heart structure relationship. Determine atrium arrangement relationships, atrial and ventricles, ventricular and arterial connection relationships, vein return, pulmonary vein return, and coronary arterial development and abnormal origin.

4. Evaluate the changes in heart blood flow dynamics. Doppler routinely measures the flow velocity and pressure difference of each valve to determine the abnormal blood flow parts and origin in the cardiovascular vessels, quantitative or semi -quantitative diversion, stenosis of flowing aisle, valve stenosis, and reflux Essence

5. Detection of heartbags. Positioning and semi -quantitative evaluation pericardium, guide the pericardium accumulation to puncture, and evaluate the efficacy of the drug. Determine narrowing pericarditis, pericardial filling and pericardial tumor.

6. Evaluate the recovery of the heart structure and the return of blood flow dynamics after heart surgery and intervention.

7. Evaluate cardiac function. The routine application of two -dimensional reconciliation (or) M -type M -type ultrasound measurement function can also be used to evaluate the contraction and diastolic function of the heart with Doppler ultrasound.

The colorful Doppler ultrasound is the only instrument that can dynamically show the instrument of the heart cavity, the heart of the heart, and the blood flow, and have no damage to the human body. The heart probe is like the camera lens. With the rotation of the probe, the various structures of the heart are clearly displayed on the screen. If you want to know the specific parameters and prices of heart color Doppler ultrasound equipment, please contact 400-6656-888.

What Is the Heart Color Doppler Ultrasound, and What Test It Can Do? 1

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