What Is the Enzyme Label and What Type of Enzyme Labeling Instrument Is Divided Into?

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With the continuous attention of the medical technology of grass -roots hospitals and the development process of localization of medical devices, many medical units and hospitals have begun to purchase domestic medical equipment. For the inspection department, many people will choose abroad before Brands, I feel that the quality is excellent. In fact, with the continuous development of science and technology, the enzyme label instrument of domestic brands has greatly improved from function to performance. So, what type of enzyme labeling instrument is divided into?

The enzyme titles can be divided into: enzyme markers and grating enzyme markers in the filter according to different filtering methods. The enzyme titles can be divided into: light absorption enzyme titles, fluorescent enzyme standards, chemical optical enzyme markers and multi -function enzyme labels.

1. Filter enzyme label. Use the filter to select the wavelength. The inner filter wheel of the enzyme label can choose the filter of different wavelengths required for the test to spend light. After the full -spectrum light emitted by the light source, most of them are Filter, only the wavelength allowed by the filter itself, so that the filter can be obtained by the filter.

2. Gallery enzyme label. After using the grating for spatiation, the full -spectrum light emitted by the light source passes through the grating, and a series of luminous light distributed on the grating can obtain the light of any wavelength. The wavelength can be adjusted continuously, and the general increase is 1nm.

3. Light absorption enzyme jam. It is used to detect visible light and ultraviolet light inhalation. After the light of a specific wavelength, the light energy is absorbed after the sample in the micropore, and the absorbed light energy and the concentration of the sample have a certain proportional relationship, which can be used for qualitative and quantitative detection.

4. fluorescent enzyme standard. Used to detect fluorescence. After the light of the specific wavelength of the grating is ejected to the samples calibrated by the fluorescent substance, it will emit a longer wavelength emittering light and reaches the detector after transmitting the grating. The intensity of fluorescence and the concentration of samples are proportional.

5. Chemical luminous enzyme standard. The enzyme standards can be divided into two types: glow and glittering according to the self -glory in biochemical reactions. The glowing glowing is long -lasting, stable, and can last for a period of time; the flashing time is short, the change is fast, and the stability is not strong. It is necessary to apply an automatic sampler to perform.

The above mainly introduces the definition and classification of the enzyme label meter. In fact, when purchasing, the basic information of the enzyme bid instrument needs to be understood. , Not only can improve high-quality products, but also enjoy professional after-sales service, learn more about product information, and consult: 400-6656-888.

What Is the Enzyme Label and What Type of Enzyme Labeling Instrument Is Divided Into? 1

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