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After the epidemic appeared, the home ventilator and oxygen maker began to enter the vision of ordinary people, but many people mixed the ventilator and oxygen maker. Although both were used to solve the breathing problem, the oxygen making machine and the ventilator came from the ventilator and the ventilator. In essence, it is two types of household medical devices with different uses. Next, let's take a look at the difference between home ventilator and oxygen making machine.

Home ventilator

Normally, breathing is through the movement of one breath, so that our alveoli and airway ports generate a initiative negative pressure difference to meet the needs of physical ventilation. Some people may cause airway obstruction or alveolar tension due to obesity, large and thick throat, and abnormal thyroid dysfunction, leading to respiratory disorders, snoring, sleep and respiratory suspension.

The role of home ventilator is to provide air flow like an electric fan, and to lead the constant and soft air flow into the human airway through the mask, help or replace these people who have respiratory disorders to complete breathing to meet the needs of physiological ventilation.

oxygen machine

When blood oxygen saturation is low, people will have hypoxia, mainly manifested as dizziness, chest tightness, decreased memory, and loss of appetite. Long -term hypoxia can cause people to suffer from insomnia, premature aging, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, etc. Oxygen suction is an important means to solve the problem of hypoxia.

At present, the common household oxygen making machine on the market is molecular sieve oxygen. This oxygen making machine uses the PSA method (transformer adsorption) to extract oxygen directly from the air. In short , And then deliver to human respiratory tract.

In summary, we can simply summarize the difference between the home ventilator and the oxygen maker: the ventilator is used to solve the problem of ventilation, and it is suitable for people who have poor breathing or cannot breathe autonomously. It is mainly suitable for people with low blood oxygen saturation.

What Is the Difference Between Household Ventilator and Oxygen Making Machine? See Here-Proven Medic 1

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