What Is the Difference Between Household Ventilator and Oxygen Control?

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Recently, in our customer consultation, we found that many people confused oxygen -making machines with home ventilator, which caused them to ask the products they wanted to buy when they purchased consultation. In response to this problem, I would like to briefly introduce the two different products of home ventilator and oxygen making machine. Let's take a look at it together.

1. Basic definition of home ventilator

The home ventilator mainly uses the CPAP breathing ventilation mode. After compressing the air in the air, it is used to enter the breathing channel. The inhalation movement of the inhalation of the thoracic cavity during the main ventilator, and the negative pressure of the alveoli and airway in the passive expansion of the lungs, which constitutes the airway mouth and the airway and the mouth of the airway and the mouth of the airway and the mouth of the airway. The pressure difference between the alveoli is completed and the inhalation is completed; the thoracic and lung elasticity are retracted after inhalation, and the opposite pressure difference is exhaled. Therefore, normal breathing is because the body generates the inhalation of the alveolar and the airway port through the respiratory movement to generate the inhalation. , To meet the needs of physiological ventilation.

2. Basic definition of oxygen making machine

Household oxygen making machines are currently equipped in many families, because with the gradual increase in health needs, oxygen absorption will gradually become an important means in family and community rehabilitation, that is, the concentration of air oxygen concentration we breathe will become more. High, people who can improve our dust well, people who are damaged by lung function, and people with hypoxia need oxygen therapy for use.

After understanding the basic definition and workflow of home ventilators and oxygen making machines, many people want to know which groups of people are applicable? Can these two products be used for difficulty breathing?

1. Applicable people in home ventilator

1. Patients with snoring and snoring, sleeping and breathing syndrome, there is a condition of holding.

2. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, and slow pulmonary patients.

2. Applicable people in oxygen making machines

1. Heroxy people, middle -aged and elderly patients, pregnant women and mental work.

2. Lack of vitamin E, C and lack of trace element selenium in the lack of vitamin E, C.

3. In public places with poor ventilation (such as cinemas, gyms, computer rooms, casinos, etc.), people are delicious and dirty.

As a manufacturer of household ventilator, Nanjing Schopstada has a variety of household respiratory machine models currently on sale, and it has a complete function and thoughtful after -sales service. If you are interested in our home ventilator products, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Is the Difference Between Household Ventilator and Oxygen Control? 1

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