What Is the Difference Between Color Ultrasound and B -ultrasound? What Are the Advantages of Color

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When we do physical examination or examination, doctors often mention the two types of inspection methods of color Doppler ultrasound and B -ultrasound. However, for most people, if you do not know deeply, the two often feel about the same. But the price is different, as for their advantages and characteristics, it is unclear. Follow the editor of Prank Medical Equipment, let's take a look.

The color ultrasound and B -ultrasound are like color TVs and black and white TVs. The colorful images on the display are color Doppler ultrasound, B -ultrasound with black and white colors, and color Doppler ultrasound is color B -ultrasound. In fact, this is people's misunderstanding of color Doppler ultrasound. The color Doppler ultrasound is the abbreviation of color Doppler ultrasound, and B -ultrasound is the abbreviation of type B ultrasound. The color Doppler ultrasound and B -ultrasound are two completely different instruments, not the simple color difference between similar color TVs and black and white TVs that people imagine. Color ultrasound is not a color B -ultrasound.

Different from the main technical indicators of color Doppler ultrasound, such as (probe chip, number of imaging channels, imaging dynamic range, host processing capacity and depth, etc.) are much higher than B -ultrasound, so it can significantly improve the resolution of image, and can be found in the early days. Small lesions, improve the early diagnosis rate of the disease, and more clearly show the details of the surrounding and internal changes around the lesion, and improve the accuracy of the diagnosis.

Differential two, color Doppler ultrasound has color Doppler blood flow imaging functions, which can show the blood vessel anatomical structure, blood flow direction, blood flow speed, and blood flow state changes in the diseased area. sex. As for the diagnosis and prognosis of some diseases, there are obvious limitations of B -ultrasound alone, such as uterine fibroids, B -ultrasound can only determine its growth site and size, but the blood supply and growth rate of tumors cannot be tested.

Differential three, color Doppler ultrasound has organizational harmonic imaging function, which can significantly reduce obesity, gas and other pseudo -image interference, and improve image clarity. The use of B -ultrasound diagnosis of umbilical cord entanglement, only by observing the pressure formed, but often missed the diagnosis for those who are not obvious, and do not miss the color Doppler.

Differential 4. The color Doppler ultrasound has a harmonic imaging function of the filmmaking agent, which can perform acoustic angiography and conduct more in -depth examination and research on the lesions. Some color Doppler ultrasounds also have some special functions, such as analysis of myocardial movement speed and four -dimensional imaging, which can conduct deeper quantitative analysis of lesions.

The color Doppler ultrasound examination can detect the lesion earlier and can more accurately diagnose the lesion, which significantly improves the accuracy of the diagnosis, and the misunderstanding rate and misunderstanding rate of B -ultrasound are significantly higher than the color Doppler ultrasound. With the continuous improvement of people's demand for diagnosis and treatment, the demand for color ultrasound will continue to rise. If you are interested in our color Doppler ultrasound, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Is the Difference Between Color Ultrasound and B -ultrasound? What Are the Advantages of Color  1

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