What Is the Development of Biochemical Analyzers? Introduction

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Clinical biochemical inspection technology, inspection items and inspection instruments have a leading position in the development of clinical examination disciplines. Clinical biochemical analysis instruments were produced earlier in the 1950s. Clinical laboratory application.

With the development of electronic computers and other related disciplines, more than 20 years since the 1980s, automatic biochemical analyzers have embarked on the road of rapid development. Its products have the following functional advantages:

1. Higher degree of automation: the project records barcode and analyze automation, the result is formatting, and the intelligentization of booting, shutdown, cleaning, maintenance, and fault detection.

2. The scope of analysis projects is wider: adding new projects arbitrarily and preparing the analysis parameters of the project at will.

3. Configuration is more convenient: Since the current automatic biochemical analyzer can be configured according to the modular configuration, it breaks the concept of the instrument configuration according to the platform. Different laboratories and the same laboratory can configure the number of modules according to their scale. The level of analysis is reduced.

4. Fast analysis speed: You can expand the number of modules unlimited.

5. Maintenance is more convenient: Failure maintenance occurs in a module of automatic biochemical analyzer, which does not affect the normal operation of other modules.

With the development of high -tech and computers, the accuracy of automatic biochemical analyzers is getting higher and higher, and the reliability is getting stronger and stronger. The wider coming. For example, the Beijing Provey Fully Biochemical Analyzer Puzs-600A/B is known for its accurate results, powerful functions, and convenient operations. The measurement speed reaches 600T/h, the guarantee results accuracy, anti -interference, no cross infection, quick report result and setting all Chinese navigation operations can be set, which greatly convenient for doctors' operations. 120 reactions, 90 samples, 90 refrigerated reagents, with barcode scanning function.

What Is the Development of Biochemical Analyzers? Introduction 1

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