What Is the Detection Process of Pesticide Residue Detector? What Is the Effect of Detection-Proven

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Food safety is directly related to everyone's own safety and interests, so it has always been valued by the public. There are often news reporting food safety issues. We need to face up to this problem and find the solution early to maintain us to maintain us to us His health.

The emergence of pesticide residue detectors has greatly improved this problem. It can quickly detect the amount of pesticide residues in food, vegetables and fruits. The operation is simple, the result is fast, which can ensure food health. So how does it work? This problem has been issued by many people. It seems that everyone is more concerned about. Therefore, we will take a look at the editor of Prank Medical Equipment.

The pesticide residue detector adopts the enzyme inhibitory method, and the catalytic ability of choline enzyme to the substrate decomposition reaction is corrected with its activity. Through the change of the rate of catalytic reactions before and after the action of agricultural residue vegetable samples and gallopase, the activity changes of choline can be calculated, thereby calculating the suppression rate. Through the suppression rate The existence of pesticides.

After understanding the use and detection process of pesticide residues, many people will ask if this device can really detect pesticide residues? What is its effect? Let's take a look at these issues.

At present, there are many methods for detecting the amount of pesticide residues in food, but the use of pesticide residue detectors is one of the current commonly used methods. This is closely related to the advantages of the device itself. And simple operation, so it has been widely used.

With the continuous progress of science and the continuous development of society, the requirements for food safety are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the research of testing technology will always be a hot spot. The trend must be developing in a simple, fast, and high -throughput direction! If you want to learn more about the related parameters and other aspects of the product of pesticide residue detector, welcome to inquire: 400-6656-888.

What Is the Detection Process of Pesticide Residue Detector? What Is the Effect of Detection-Proven  1

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