What Is the Current Status of the Development of Nucleic Acid Extract? Which Brand Is Good

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With the rapid development of molecular biology technology, the important role of molecular diagnosis and detection technology represented by nucleic acid hybridization, nucleic acid amplification and nucleic acid sequence analysis is increasingly prominent. A critical step before the sample, the quality of the nucleic acid quality obtained directly affects the success or failure of downstream molecular biology tests. So, with the increasing application of nucleic acid extraction instruments, the demand for procurement has continued to increase, which has also accelerated the rapid development of the industry. So, is the test of nucleic acid extraction instruments be accurate? What are the advantages?

The newly launched automated nucleic acid extraction equipment PL-96 launched by Proven Medical Equipment manufacturers has the configuration of high-throughput fully automatic detection nucleic acid, extraction rate and high detection rate, fast detection speed, and multiple modules at the same time. And use stable control, maintaining nucleic acids safely, without having to transfer it immediately, which greatly facilitates the work of the operator.

At the same time, this PL-96 nucleic acid detection equipment adopts an intelligent operating system, touch screen interface, closed detection, safe and effective, repeated stability, avoid cross-infection of overflow, greatly improves the efficiency of detection, especially for some large hospitals Or for the laboratory, this nucleic acid extract instrument is more practical.

At present, nucleic acid extraction instruments are widely used in the field of disease control centers, clinical disease diagnosis, blood transfusion safety, forensic identification, and environmental microbial testing and other molecular biology research applications. In the past two years, the market's demand for nucleic acid extraction instruments has increased rapidly. Coupled with the factors of the new crown epidemic, the purchase volume of nucleic acid extraction instruments has increased. Which brand is good? Become a problem that many buyers are more concerned about. In fact, this requires you to understand the basic knowledge of nucleic acid extract instruments. At the same time, pay attention to the function and performance characteristics of the product itself, the influence of the brand and the after -sales service, and then reasonably choose according to the purchase cost.

Proven Medical Equipment manufacturers have launched several nucleic acid extraction equipment, which can match the corresponding products according to your different needs. If you are interested in our products, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

What Is the Current Status of the Development of Nucleic Acid Extract? Which Brand Is Good 1

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