What Is the Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine? Principle and Function Introduction of Cardiac Ultraso

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Cardiac ultrasound machine is a kind of medical equipment that observes heart function and heart structure through ultrasound, observing heart function and heart structure. It can intuitively understand the cardiac warping, ejaculation scores, contraction of each atrium and diastolic function, ventricular wall movement, and valve the valves. Functional conditions can exclude cardiac lesions and functional lesions of the cardiac, which can provide the diagnosis and evaluation of the clinical doctor and provide important reference value and basis for the diagnosis and evaluation of the disease.

Principles of Cardiac ultrasound machine:

It is mainly through the dedicated probe of the cardiac ultrasound to display the tissue structure under the probe on the screen. It is more popular, the heart probe is a bit similar to the camera lens. Through the continuous movement and transformation of the lens, the various structures of the heart can be accurately presented, so that doctors can determine whether the heart is problematic based on these images.

Function of Cardiac ultrasound machine:

1. Heart function. Cardiac ultrasound can observe the heart contraction function, abnormal segmentation room wall movement, and evaluating the ejection scores are important examination methods for heart function and heart failure evaluation.

2. Heart structure. You can observe the changes in the heart structure, size, valve, and blood flow. It is an important test method to understand the size of the cavity of the cavity of the heart of the heart. It has important diagnostic value for the changes in valve disease and secondary heart structure.

3. Cardiac and surroundings. You can clarify the location and size of the pericardial effusion, whether there is calcification, etc., and you can also understand the situation of the heart near the tissue.

4. Congenital heart disease. Cardiac ultrasound machine is the first choice of examination equipment for congenital heart disease. Common congenital heart disease includes room septal defects, intervals disadvantages, ovard circular holes, Fallo four -link disease, etc., all need cardiac color Doppler ultrasound to further clarify diagnosis diagnosis Essence

5. Coronary heart disease crown. Patients with heart disease are in the stage of myocardial infarction or the previous history of myocardial infarction. It can observe the abnormal exercise of the infarction site through the cardiac ultrasound machine and judge the grading of the heart function.

Cardiac ultrasound machine is one of the indispensable examination equipment for the diagnosis of coronary heart disease, but it cannot be explicitly diagnosed by this test to clearly diagnose coronary heart disease. It also needs to be combined with other examination items, such as dynamic mentality diagrams, coronary artery CT, etc. If you want to know the specific parameters of our company's cardiac ultrasound products, please contact us and consult the call 400-6656-888.

What Is the Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine? Principle and Function Introduction of Cardiac Ultraso 1

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